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Having A Splurge Urge – Budget Savvy Guide To Shopping Online

Can you recall all of those big brands that closed their brick-and-mortar shops over the last year? Blame online shopping for that!

Online shopping will account for 17.5% of total retail sales by 2021 according to the estimates. It is easy to conclude why. You can just sit at the comfort of your own how and have things delivered at your door, avoiding busy shops and long queues.

Still, with so many flashy ads and awesome products you see online, sometimes it is really difficult to stop yourself from tapping “Buy Now”. If that is one of your problems, check out these ways in which you can save money and still get those things you want!


1. Give It Some Time

We are not referring to refraining yourself from making a purchase (even though sometimes that can be a good idea as well). Did you know that if you add things to your basket and abandon it, you might strike gold? The majority of online retailers monitor abandoned baskets. In their world, this means that you were just at the edge of making a purchase, but you need one final little push.

That push comes in the form of an additional discount. Make sure you register an account with the retailer and leave an email address. This won’t work if you are using guest checkout. Leave the items there for a few days and wait until you get a sweet email offering you a discount code.


2. The Infamous Shipping Costs

You have probably heard the popular saying that you are more likely to pay more for something to get free shipping than pay less but also pay a shipping fee. This is absolutely true because us human like the concept of “free” things (even though most of the time it is carefully calculated in the item price).

We all hate shipping costs but sometimes it is impossible to avoid them. Or is it?

In some cases, when online retailers also have brick-and-mortar shops, they will offer you free click-and-collect in-store. Even if it is not free, the fee will be significantly lower than to have the item shipped to your home.

So instead of paying the price, use this option and pop in the local store when you have time (items are usually held in the store for up to two weeks).


3. Use Coupons and Vouchers

Coupons and vouchers are probably the most underrated ways of saving while shopping online. While the reasons why might not be very clear, we can blame it on the human laziness.

But coupons and vouchers are so hard to find, aren’t they? Well, all it takes is 5 seconds of your time and you will pay a lower price. Don’t believe us? Check PlusVoucherCode out. You can find deals for up to 50% discount from your favourite companies to use while shopping online.



4. Compare Prices

Prices discrepancies can be huge in the world of online shopping. Researching retailers before making a purchase can save you a lot of money.

You know those flashy ads that you see every day on your social media feed? Next time when you see something you like, check the price. Then go on websites like eBay and Amazon and look for the product. 90% of the time you will find the same product at a much lower price.

Another very easy way to do this is to search for the product on Google and go to the Shopping section. You will see a lot of retailers selling the same product at different prices.

Comparing prices can save you money on a lot of things – even your electricity bills!


5. Buy Returned Items

You have seen it in supermarkets as well – a product has been returned by another customer and now it is sold at a lower price – sometimes even 30% lower! The same goes for online shopping.

Reputable retailers show you the reason why the item has been returned in the item description section so you can easily see if the condition of the product is good. In the majority of the cases, the customer simply didn’t like the product and they returned it and you can get a discount just for buying something that has a broken manufacturer’s seal yet it is in a perfect condition.

You can also strike a good deal on things that are slightly scratched, the packaging is damaged or has few bits and bobs missing that can be easily replaced.

Look at Amazon Warehouse Deals for example. You can find top-notch products at a much lower price just because someone opened the original box!



6. Benefit From Loyalty Programs

Do you shop at the same retailer over and over again but you are always unwilling to register your account fully? It might be a good idea to do so because a lot of retailers offer loyalty bonuses and discounts.

It doesn’t cost anything anyway, so why don’t you just join the loyalty program and reap the benefits?

Online shopping is definitely a favourite thing for a lot of people and we have to admit that we are all enjoying it even a bit too much. Using these simple tricks, you can start saving money on your everyday purchases. It might not seem a lot, but hey, why pay more when you can pay less!