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How to Have Fun Online Without Spending a Dime

Advancements in mobile technology and Internet communication have brought entertainment in the palms of our hands. In many cases, you would still have to pay for your dose of fun. But if you are savvy enough then you will be able to find online sites that offer entertainment without your needing to spend a dime. The more fun you have, the more money you will save.

We take you through some of the best free sites in various genres of entertainment.



1. Live Streaming Music

Music is arguably the most popular form of online entertainment. People listen to music while waiting while commuting and even during their morning jogging. There are advantages of live streaming music.

• You always have access to a mobile device when on the move or a desktop at home, you do not need additional equipment like compact disc players.

• And since you can listen live from the host site, you do not have to download the songs on the storage of your smartphone or laptop. The list of avid music lovers runs into hundreds of songs and this can amount to massive storage capacities.

You only need to follow these few simple steps.

1. Select a live streaming site.
2. Open an account there.
3. Create a list of your favourites.
4. Log in any time you want and listen to the songs that suit your mood.

The following free live streaming sites are recommended.


Spotify has a library of over a million titles.
• It is compatible with all devices from smart watches to television sets.
• It is a user-friendly site with video tutorials for new players.
• Its Discover Weekly playlist feature recommends 30 songs to you each Monday based on what you have been listening to.
• The free version has ad-supported music, which is a minor irritant.


• The site automatically creates a radio station for you based on the genre or artist selected by you.

2. Videos

This is a broad category that covers feature films, short films, TV shows and more. People have different requirements at different times. Back from work you might want to wind down with a full-length movie. But while waiting for an appointment you might want to take in a 10-minute short film. We recommend YouTube because of the variety on offer.


• The number of complete feature-length films on YouTube would be less than on other online platforms like Netflix, but they are free.
• YouTube offers all kinds of video material, including those uploaded by users. So the choice is limitless.
• YouTube offers localized products in over 100 countries. It is not a one shoe fits all type of web site.
• Viewers can save the seen videos in History. This will help them to immediately locate a seen video if they want to view it again.
• If you like something while browsing you can save it under Watch Later.
• Recommendations are immediately made based on your past viewing.

The Internet Archive

• The web site has tremendously improved its product in the last few years.
• The movie section includes everything with moving images.
• The selection can be filtered according to year, language, topic, originator and more.
• The feature films section has over 5,500 titles.

3. Puzzles and Games

In Wodehousian England, the newspaper neatly folded to the crossword page was more essential on the breakfast table than bacon and eggs. With more and more people accessing news online, the printed newspaper crossword is fast becoming a relic.

Fortunately for those deriving joy from mental exercises, crosswords and other similar puzzles are easily available for free online. You will hardly find a site hosting word and number puzzles asking for subscriptions.

Newspaper Based Crossword Puzzles

• Crossword puzzles offered in certain newspapers have become popular over the decades.
• These newspapers now also run online versions and continue to offer crosswords in those.
• These include The Guardian, The Washington Post and Daily Mail.
• Crosswords can be solved online. In most cases, there are features to check if your answer is correct and even reveal answers you cannot get. This is an advantage over the old-fashioned printed crossword, where there was no help and you had to wait till the next morning for the answers.
• You will get a new crossword puzzle every day but can also solve any earlier ones that you may have missed.

Other Word and Number Puzzles

• There are other exciting types of puzzles that are available online for free.
• Rebus puzzles are word and picture puzzles that lead to a common phrase.
• Word search puzzles require you to find given words in a matrix full of letters.
• Sudoku is the most popular number puzzle.


4. Casino Games

Today you can play all types of casino games online. These include roulette, blackjack, baccarat, video poker, slot machines and more. Most online casinos allow you to play games for free. But obviously, you cannot take home the winnings. This takes away from the joy of playing casino games.

There is a way in which you can play online casino games for free and cash out the winnings as well. You need to visit sites offering no deposit bonuses. NoDepositExplorer is a site that curates all the best offers and makes sure they are valid, so you don’t waste your time claiming.


5. Reading

Reading is easily the oldest pastime. Handwritten books were read before printing was invented. Now people can read books online on both desktops and mobile devices. Generally, books will have to be bought and will be delivered electronically to your device. You can then download and read them. But there are some sites that offer great e-books for free. The latest trend in e-books is audiobooks that you do not read but listen to.

Here are the best free e-book sites.

Kindle from Amazon

Kindle is a pioneer in online reading.
• Though it has its own reading device, the books can be downloaded on any desktop, tablet or smartphone.
• There are over 40,000 free e-books on offer at Kindle Store.
• You are not likely to find current bestsellers in the free category, but there is a splendid collection of classics and non-fiction work.
• The titles can be sorted by language and customer rating.
• You will need an account with Amazon, but that can be created for free.

Project Gutenberg

• Project Gutenberg is the oldest digital library in the world.
• If you derive joy from more serious reading this is the right place for you.
• The collection has a high number of literary and academic titles.
• The books are available in multiple formats.
• Project Gutenberg is a not for profit organization and depends on donations.