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Increase your Energy Efficiency

Increasing your energy efficiency will give you a double boost. It’ll save you money and reduce your carbon footprint. Here’s how:

Install a new energy-efficient boiler

This could save you more than £200 every year. With gas boilers accounting for 60% of the carbon dioxide emitted from a gas-heated home, upgrading can dramatically
increase your home’s energy efficiency.

Insulate your loft

The Department for Energy and Climate Change reckons £500 million’s worth of heat escapes through the roofs of poorly insulated homes in the UK every year. Insulating your loft will help you keep your expensively-generated heat indoors.

Hang thick curtains

Another way of keeping the heat in, thick curtains help prevent heat slipping away through cracks in your walls and window and door frames.

Stop using standby

Turn appliances off completely to stop them using electricity. This will reduce your electricity bill and the risk of anything faulty catching fire.

Think efficiency when shopping

Replace old appliances with modern energy-efficient models. Choose energy-saving light bulbs when your old ones burn out.