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Lower your household bills

Household bills. We all have something to say about them – mostly negative. So, here are some positive things you can do about them.

Get multiple services from a single provider

Buying more than one service from a provider can reduce costs. Entertainment packages from Sky, for example, start at £19.50. If you purchase broadband as well, you’ll get both for less than the combined cost of buying each service individually. You’ll find similar deals from energy suppliers who provide gas and electricity. Shop around.

Be mobile with your mobile

Mobile phone providers used to reward loyalty. Not anymore. Keep your ear to the ground and don’t hesitate to grab a better deal when you see one. The chances are you’ll be better off switching networks than staying with your existing provider.

Do Skype

Skype can drastically reduce your phone bills. Once you’ve downloaded it onto your computer, smartphone or tablet – for free – you can chat to other Skype users over an internet connection – for free.

Drive your car insurance down

If you’re a young driver, adding an older driver to your insurance policy will bring your premium down considerably. Tip: get the older person’s consent beforehand.

Shop smarter

Look closely at supermarket prices. More often than not, supermarkets’ own brands are cheaper than well-known brands. At Sainsbury’s, Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil Mild 500ml costs £3.35. The store’s own-brand olive oil is just £1.75. Simple switches like this in your weekly shopping can save you lots of money.

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