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Switching is Easy and Saves you Money

Besides using some energy saving tips which will be listed below remembering to switch your energy suppliers is probably the one most important thing you can do if you want to keep your money in your pocket instead of giving it over to one of the big utility companies.

It’s the remembering to do this on a regular basis – sure we all know how important it is to switch energy suppliers but how many of us actually do this on a regular basis instead of just once or twice and then putting it to the back of our minds only to be reminded in an unpleasant way (when our bills increase) that we have not been quite as savvy as we thought we were.

Perhaps this is due to the fact that it used to take some time and fuss to switch suppliers? Well, today all that is needed is your postcode, a recent energy bill and if you do not have one you will need to be able to answer a couple of questions – in all it should take ten minutes tops to switch.

One of the easiest ways to switch is by making use of an energy price comparison site which work in much the same way as if you were searching for new online casinos for 2019 by using a trusted casino finder or looking to get lower house or car insurance quotes.

These comparison or finder sites take a lot of the hard work out of finding what suits your needs the best – whether that is single or double use energy bills from the same supplier, a car insurance that offers you cover that matches your driving patterns or a casino that provides the games and the bonuses that you prefer.

Remember your energy supply will not be disrupted as it is only the supplier that changes.

There are also a few things you can do on a daily basis that will save you money in the long term and if you incorporate them into your daily life you should soon be saving even more money.

Only boil a kettle when you are ready to use it – we tend to boil a kettle then walk away only to return to it five minutes later and boil it again.

Use boiled water from the kettle to put in a pan for cooking as it uses far less energy than heating water from scratch in your saucepan. Don’t overfill your pan either as this waste’s energy.

Always favour the shower instead of the bath as filling a bath takes a great deal more energy than the shower. You could even take it one step further and fit an eco-version shower head. If you are a large family (4 and upwards) consider having a water meter fitted.

Using an automatic washing machine takes a great deal of energy and as today’s detergents are very effective to try using your machine at 30 degrees – plus save your laundry until you have a full load to wash.

If you have a smart meter then make sure you know how to use it as keeping an eye on how much you actually use goes a long way to helping you cut those bills down to size.