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Using your designs to make money the easy way

If you have a creative knack, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be sharing your gift with the world. Have you ever thought of a design and imagined it on a t-shirt? Or a wall poster? Or cushion, fridge magnet, or mug? If so, you should be making it a reality – offering it up to the world and making money as you do.

Traditionally custom printing has been seen as something of a niche market. There have always been people who have made their own t-shirts and printed their own designs on things, but it had to be a real labour of love – a cost and time-consuming one at that. Now however, thanks to the rise of websites such as Printful.com, it’s easier than ever to get your custom merchandise printed and shipped around the globe!


How do you get started?

The whole process to making money through your designs is easy – but it all comes down to your designs. It can be hard to create custom-printed merchandise when you don’t have any custom designs to print. So it’s time to put your creative skills to the test, and start imagining what you think will be popular sellers.

It can be anything you like – a simple silhouette, a quote, a personal message, an abstract design, the joy of creativity is that there’s no boundaries. Create something that you love, and you’re almost certain to find people around the world who are going to love it too.

So you’ve got the designs, how do they get sold? The answer is drop-shipping.


How does drop-shipping work?

Drop-shipping is very simple. You begin by setting up your virtual marketplace and connecting the back end to your fulfilment partner. Customers browse your website, see your merchandise, and make their purchases. That information is then passed on to your fulfilment partner who prints/picks the merchandise, packs it, and then ships it on your behalf.

It’s really that simple!


What are the benefits for you?

Numerous. Firstly, you don’t need to invest in any sort of warehousing or storage for yourself. This is perfect if you want to make a side or supplementary income from your designs, rather than make it your primary business. You make use of your fulfilment partner’s warehouse space, printing equipment, and blank merchandise.

The second benefit is that it’s affordable. You want to make money, not have to spend it, right? With drop-shipping you don’t need to invest a considerable amount of money having printed merchandise created to store then ship. Things can be printed on an order by order basis, which means you’ll only print things that customers have already bought.

Shipping is completely taken care of as a part of the fulfilment service. Your merchandise will be professionally packaged, with your branding, before being shipped to customers. If you work with a partner such as Printful, you’ll be gaining access to one of several distribution centres offering truly global coverage. This makes cross-border shipping quicker, easier, and cheaper.

You’ll also save money on your shipping, as your fulfilment partner is likely to be able to offer savings based on bulk-bought packaging materials and shipping contracts. The best part of all of this is that you only pay for the service when you make a sale! This means there’s basically no upfront cost, you’re only ever re-investing from profits you’re already making.


Make your start today

It’s now easier than ever to make money from your designs thanks to drop-shipping – all you need to do is get designing!