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motor trade insurance for valeters

A Valeters Guide To Motor Trade Insurance

Imagine this, a new client of yours drops off his or her brand-new Ferrari 488 for you to valet it. You can imagine this car would be their pride and joy and would have cost them an absolute fortune! Now, it doesn’t really matter how careful you are with your planning and how you undertake your work, accidents unfortunately can, do and will happen.

Consider for a moment what you would do if you accidently dropped some cleaning products onto the Ferrari’s fabulous interior or dropped something that hit the car’s bodywork and left a scratch you couldn’t remove via machine polishing. If something like this happened, you’d be liable for the repairs but not necessary due to negligence. Regardless you’d be picking up the bill for the repairs.

If you and your business are not sufficiently covered by insurance, this could end up closing your business due to the sheer cost of putting right any damage.

However, if the same situation occurred and you had the correct policy in place then you would of course be concerned with the customers likely reaction and indeed the reputation of your valeting company but, importantly, you’d be covered by your insurance and the matter would be resolved quickly without you having to foot the bill.

If you work in the motor trade, whether that’s as a valeter, mechanic or in sales, it always pays to make sure you are fully covered for any work that you do. This means checking that any motor trade policy you have taken out covers you for the type of work your business undertakes. Failing to make sure your covered could end up being a very costly mistake.

Not everyone is going to work with Ferraris daily, but whether you work with Ferraris, Fords or Fiats you need to make sure you have adequate cover in place. Don’t let you and your business become another unfortunate statistic.

Always check with your insurer or broker if you aren’t completely sure about the level of motor trade cover you have.

If you need to get several motor trade policy quotes, why not use our specialist quotation tool. There is only one simple form to complete which makes it quick and easy to get multiple quotes.

Finally, it’s worth noting that by using the Utility Saving Expert insurance quotation tool, you are indirectly donating to charity. Utility Saving Expert donates 10% of its net profits each year to charities that fight fuel poverty.

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