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crown-gas-and-power-icon Ultimate Guide to Crown Gas & Power

Crown Gas & Power – Key Information

Crown Gas and Power are an independent business gas supplier in the commercial sector. They are known for their competitive prices and customer service.

The company supplies gas to commercial, industrial and public sector clients across the UK.

Crown Gas & Power aims to do the following:

  • crown-gas-and-power-blue-bulletNo hassle switching
  • crown-gas-and-power-blue-bulletOffer competitive prices
  • crown-gas-and-power-blue-bulletAutomated Meter Reader installations
  • crown-gas-and-power-blue-bulletCustomer portal to view bills, usage and important documents
  • crown-gas-and-power-blue-bulletOnline live chat
  • crown-gas-and-power-blue-bulletNo overseas call centres or touch-tone phone systems

Crown Gas & Power – The History

Crown Gas and Power – Launch

Crown Gas & Power have been supplying gas to businesses since 2001

The business energy supplier’s history goes back to 1928 when their current chairman’s grandfather sold household goods such as, fire lighters, candles and lamp oil from the back of a horse and cart.

Crown Gas and Power was created in 2001 shortly after the deregulation of the gas and power markets. They still strive to uphold the traditional values of a family run business and they aim to put the customer first in everything that they do.

They are a single fuel, energy supplier who are committed to customer service, competitive prices, and offering variable length supply contracts. As a single fuel supplier, their experience allows them to provide gas, electricity & water connections, including service alterations, smart upgrades and supply disconnections.

Here are some of the pledges Crown Gas & Power has made within its standards of service:

  • crown-gas-and-power-green-bulletCompetitive gas contracts – quick & easy switching
  • crown-gas-and-power-green-bulletNo call centres – You can expect to speak to their team within seconds
  • crown-gas-and-power-green-bulletUnbeatable customer care
  • crown-gas-and-power-green-bulletVariable length contracts adjusted to your business needs
  • crown-gas-and-power-green-bulletAdvanced commitment – Crown Gas and Power install the latest Automated Meters – reducing estimated gas bills
  • crown-gas-and-power-green-bulletOnline portal access – Makes managing energy easier
  • crown-gas-and-power-green-bulletMulti-utility connection services: gas, electric & water

Crown Gas and Power – How to Contact

You can contact Crown Gas and Power through a number of different ways.

If you wish to contact Crown Gas and Power via post, you can write to them at: 2nd Floor, Crown Point, Heap Brow, Bury, BL9 7JR

Crown Gas and Power – Opening Times

Their office opening hours are between 8:30am and 5:30pm, Monday to Friday. 
Remember that any telephone calls made may be recorded.

Contact Crown Gas & Power via telephone by calling them on 0161 762 7744

If you smell gas or suspect a gas leak, contact The National Gas Emergency Service immediately on 0800 111 999. Calls are free, and they operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Republic of Ireland customers should contact The National Gas Emergency Service on 1850 20 50 50.

We also recommend you take the following action:

  • crown-gas-and-power-pink-bulletOpen all doors and windows to ventilate the space
  • crown-gas-and-power-pink-bulletTurn gas supply and gas appliances off at the mains
  • crown-gas-and-power-pink-bulletAvoid smoking or the use of any naked flames
  • crown-gas-and-power-pink-bulletAvoid turning any electrical switches off or on

You can visit Crown Gas and Power’s website directly at : https://www.crowngas.co.uk/

If you need to email Crown Gas and Power, they can be reached at hello@crowngas.co.uk.

You can also use social media to contact Crown Gas and Power on Facebook and Twitter.

Crown Gas & Power – Head Office

A map showing Crown Gas & Power’s Head Office location can be found below.

crown gas and power banner

Fuel Sources Summary – Crown Gas and Power

Crown Gas and Power does not supply electricity, therefore there is no data available for their fuel mix.

Crown Gas & Power Fuel Mix 2018

We will update the following source of electricity percentage for the following fuels, should crown Gas and Power offer electricity in the future.

  • crown-gas-and-power-blue-bulletCoal TBC
  • crown-gas-and-power-blue-bulletNatural Gas TBC
  • crown-gas-and-power-blue-bulletNuclear TBC
  • crown-gas-and-power-blue-bulletRenewable TBC
  • crown-gas-and-power-blue-bulletOther fuels TBC

Environmental impact for Crown Gas and Power

As of figures available in November 2018, Crown Gas & Power assessed its environmental impact as follows:

Environmental impact = TBC CO2 emissions/kWh and TBC high level radioactive waste/kWh.

Current Crown Gas & Power Energy Tariffs

Gas for small to medium sized businesses – Crown Gas and Power

Criteria for micro businesses:

  • crown-gas-and-power-green-bulletEmploys fewer than 10 employees (or their full-time equivalent) and has an annual turnover or balance sheet no greater than €2 million; or
  • crown-gas-and-power-green-bulletUses no more than 100,000 kWh of electricity per year; or
  • crown-gas-and-power-green-bulletUses no more than 293,000 kWh of gas per year.

Here’s what you can expect from Crown Gas and Power’s SME gas services:

  • crown-gas-and-power-green-bulletCompetitive gas prices – suited to support small to medium sized businesses
  • crown-gas-and-power-green-bulletManchester based customer service centre
  • crown-gas-and-power-green-bulletOnline account management – monitor your energy consumption & billing details
  • crown-gas-and-power-green-bulletAdvanced metering for all businesses
  • crown-gas-and-power-green-bulletContracts up to 500,000 kWh– for higher quantity energy supply
  • crown-gas-and-power-green-bulletMulti-utility connections, new meters, service alterations, upgrades/downgrades & supply disconnections

Gas for larger businesses – Crown Gas and Power

Here’s what you can expect from Crown Gas and Power’s multi-utility connections services for larger businesses:

  • crown-gas-and-power-green-bulletMulti-meter/multi-site installations
  • crown-gas-and-power-green-bulletNew energy connections for gas, electric and water
  • crown-gas-and-power-green-bulletService alterations: meter disconnections & increase/decreases in supply
  • crown-gas-and-power-green-bulletAdvanced meter upgrades

Gas for multie-site businesses – Crown Gas and Power

Here’s what you can expect from Crown Gas and Power’s multi-site property management:

  • crown-gas-and-power-green-bulletMulti-site portal: The online portal will make it easier to manage individual sites, monitor payments and easily access documents
  • crown-gas-and-power-green-bulletFlexible payment options: Clients can be set up with a payment option that suits them such as Direct Debit or BACs
  • crown-gas-and-power-green-bulletConvenient billing: Group billing can be requested, as well as e-billing options
  • crown-gas-and-power-green-bulletCommon contract end dates: When quoting for multiple sites, Crown Gas and Power will help you to obtain common end dates to suit a large portfolio
  • crown-gas-and-power-green-bulletCommitment to advanced metering requirements: To improve accuracy, Crown Gas and Power will offer AMR installations, to ensure all sites are billed to a more accurate meter reading
  • crown-gas-and-power-green-bulletChange of tenancies: Allows Crown Gas and Power to take care of your tenancy changes, ensuring a smooth continuation of your gas supply
  • crown-gas-and-power-green-bulletMulti utility connections: Crown Gas and Power provide utility connections for gas, electricity & water installations

Green gas for businesses – Crown Gas and Power

Here’s what benefits you can expect from Crown Gas and Power’s green gas tariffs:

  • crown-gas-and-power-green-bulletVirtually carbon neutral
  • crown-gas-and-power-green-bulletSupports British farmers and the rural economy
  • crown-gas-and-power-green-bulletA fuel source that will never run out
  • crown-gas-and-power-green-bulletReduces reliance on fossil fuel gas
  • crown-gas-and-power-green-bulletAccountability – the gas is tracked from production to consumption

Customer Reviews – Crown Gas and Power

Currently, there isn’t enough data to provide accurate review scores for Crown Gas and Power

Compare Crown Gas & Power

You should now have all the necessary information you need for Crown Gas and Power. Use Utility Saving Expert’s online business energy comparison tool to see how Crown Gas and Power compares against other UK business energy suppliers.

Last Updated: 05/11/2018

Crown Gas and Power

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