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Car Insurance –
Policies Explained

As with most insurance policies, there are several different options available for those wishing to insure a car in the United Kingdom. Each policy has its own pro’s and cons’ but you must be covered by a policy in the UK as it is a legal requirement if you wish to drive on a public road.

It is important to consider your own personal requirements before you decide upon what sort of policy to purchase.

There are three main car insurance policies available to drivers in the UK, these are third party only, third party fire and theft cover and full comprehensive insurance.

Let’s look at each of these policy types in more detail.

Third Party Only

Third Party insurance is the most basic level of insurance that you are required to have when driving on any public road in the United Kingdom.

This low-level cover with ensure that you are sufficiently covered and in should an accident occur, the third-party insurance will pay for any damages caused to the vehicle or persons involved, if, the accident was your fault. This type of cover will also pay for an injury claim brought against you or if property was damaged as a direct result of a fault claim. A fault claim means that you are the party at fault who caused the accident.

However, it is worth considering that although this cover will pay for third parties damage, it does not pay for any damage to your vehicle if the crash is your fault. It also doesn’t allow you to claim if your car or vehicle is damaged by fire or if it was stolen from you. So, if any of these situations occur you would have to pay for any repair or replace a stolen vehicle.

It is not unusual for drivers who own a car of little to no retail or personal value to insure their car using only a third-party car insurance policy. This is because it is deemed cheaper to repair or replace vs. a more expensive new car for example.

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Third Party, Fire and Theft Cover

Third Party, Fire and Theft insurance is the next level up in terms of car insurance cover offered by insurers in the UK. It offers some additional coverage but, it does not cover you as extensively as a fully comprehensive policy would.

As the policy name suggests, the protection it offers is similar to Third Party Only cover however, in addition it insurers you against any damage to your car because of a fire, or if your car is stolen.

Third Party, Fire and Theft insurance along with Third Party only policies are usually cheaper than full comprehensive insurance. But, if you are in an accident that is deemed to be your fault, it will be your responsibility to pay for any damage to your vehicle.

Fully Comprehensive Insurance

The most complete level of cover you can buy in the UK is called Fully Comprehensive Insurance. If you want to be insure yourself for all circumstances, then fully comp insurance may be the right policy for you to consider purchasing. This cover will protect you in the event of an accident, regardless of who is as fault and it further provides you the peace of mind that if your car is damaged due to fire damage or stolen, your insurance company will pay for the repairs or replace the car entirely.

Due to the high level of protection offered by fully comprehensive insurance against lower level cover such as Third Party Only or Third-Party Fire and Theft, Fully Comprehensive car insurance comes at a far higher price. However, more drivers feel that this is a price worth paying for the peace of mind it providers to the car owner.

Not all fully comp policies are identical when you look at the small print. Some policies will allow you to drive another vehicle not owned by you on a third-party only basis with the owner’s permission, others will cover you if you wish to drive your car outside of the UK. We would recommend that you check what you are and aren’t covered for, and to speak to your insurer if you have any specific questions about your chosen policy. Other policies will offer you additional benefits such as a complimentary courtesy car if you are involved in an accident or free breakdown cover.

It is important for you to weight up the pros and cons of any policy you are considering ensuring you are getting the very best cover you can afford. If you feel that you don’t want or won’t use the additional products and services on a policy, see if you can remove them and in turn reduce the cost.