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If you are a driver and have a motoring offence, a fine isn’t the only thing that will affect you. A driving conviction may also result in a higher car insurance premium. If you want to learn more about insurance for convicted drivers and want advice on how to save money, please take a look at our guide below.

Higher premium car insurance for drivers with a motoring offence

Generally, drivers who have a previous motoring offence will likely face a higher car insurance premium compared to those with a clean license.

Statistically, convicted drivers are more likely to make a claim on their car insurance policy, so insurance providers will increase the costs to reflect the associated risks that come with this.

A car insurance provider will look at all the different types of driving convictions to calculate an insurance premium.

A minor speeding offence can also raise your insurance premium, if this results in points on your driving license (also referred to as endorsements). If you have more points on your driving license, an insurance provider will look at it as a higher risk, and may apply other terms and conditions to the policy such as higher excesses and exclusion from certain types of cover.

The price of insurance with a motoring conviction

A car insurance provider will view a driving offence as evidence that you are a higher risk on the road. Because of this, your premium will be increased.

The type of offence and amount of offences committed will determine the cost of the insurance policy, severe offences will have much higher costs added. If you have a previous driving conviction, there are some providers that will refuse to provide you with car insurance cover.

Each insurance provider will assign a different weighting determined by the severity of the offence and how many offences have been committed historically to calculate the premium.

Minor speeding (referred to as an SP30 as its driving offence code) will likely result in a small increase on your car insurance price, additionally, this will also come with three points on your driving license.

There are a number of other common driving offences. These include: using a handheld device while driving (CU80), failing to comply with traffic light signals (TS10), and speeding on a motorway (SP50). The points will remain on your driving license between 4 and 11 years, this will be determined by how severe the driving offence is.

Your car insurance costs will likely be affected for 3 to 5 years, as this is the period that most insurance providers will ask for details on driving offences committed when providing a quotation.

A serious driving offence such as drink driving (DR10 – DR90, various codes) could lead to being temporarily disqualified from all driving related activity.

If you receive 12 or more points on your driving license within 3 years, or 6 points within a 2 year period of receiving your driving license, you may also be disqualified. Aside from an increased premium, additionally, you may also have to pay a much higher excess in the event of making a claim. If you have recently received a driving conviction and are surprised by the increased insurance premium, there are still ways you can save money.

How to save money on car insurance with a motoring offence

An insurer will calculate your car insurance premium based on a number of different factors such as the type of car you drive, annual mileage, location, and previous no claims discount (NCD) to name a few.

If you are looking to purchase a new car, it may be worth looking for one in a lower insurance group. If there is someone else that will occasionally drive your car, you can include them as a named driver on your policy, if they have a clean license, this may help reduce your overall costs.

There are some insurers that may offer you a discount if you attend and complete a driving rehabilitation course. It is a good idea to declare this if you have taken part in a course that covers speed awareness and drink driver rehabilitation. These courses can save you money on car insurance in the future. if you have had a driving offence and are offered the chance to take an awareness or rehabilitation course, it is recommended that you do so. Although the course will have its own costs, the benefit of a lower car insurance premium for the upcoming years will likely outweigh this.

There are some well-known insurance providers that will avoid offering cover to a driver with a motoring offence. If your current insurance provider decides not to offer a renewal quote or you have been declined elsewhere, there are alternative options available.

There are a number of specialist insurance providers that offer cover to drivers who have motoring offences. It is a good idea to compare different quotes to ensure you are getting the best price. Furthermore some professions will be effected to, for example if you are a used car dealer, obtaining motor trade insurance may be more difficult.

Driving offence endorsement codes

Each type of driving conviction has its own corresponding driving offence code that is assigned by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). If you do receive any of the below driving offence codes on your license, you must make sure to inform your insurer as soon as possible.

Motoring Conviction CodeDescription
AC10 – AC30Accident offences, including the failure to stop after an accident
BA10 – BA60Driving or attempting to drive while disqualified
CD10 – CD30Careless driving offences, including driving without due care and attention
CD40 – CD90Causing death by careless driving
CU10 – CU50Driving an unsuitable vehicle (e.g. defective brakes, overloaded)
CU80Lack of control over the vehicle, including the use of a mobile phone
DD10 – DD90Dangerous driving offences, including causing death by dangerous driving
DR10 – DR90Drink driving, including some drug driving offences
DG10 – DG60Drug driving offences
IN10Driving without insurance
LC20 – LC50Driving license offences
MS10 – MS90Miscellaneous offences, including leaving a vehicle in a dangerous position
MW10Motorway offences (excluding speeding)
PC10 – PC30Pedestrian crossing offences
SP10 – SP50Speeding offences
TS10 – TS70Failure to comply with traffic signals
UT50Aggravated taking of a vehicle
MR codesPoints accrued while driving in Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, or the Isle of Man

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