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Car insurance is a legal requirement if you want the freedom passing your driving test brings however, there is unfortunately no escaping the often eye-watering high premiums inexperienced drivers face.

In this guide we will explain why this is, and what options are available to you as a new driver to keep the cost of your car insurance as low as possible.

What is the CIE?

The CIE or otherwise known as Continuous Insurance Enforcement was recently brought in by the Government to reduce the number of uninsured drivers on Britain’s roads.

Essentially this means that if your car is not registered as SORN (Statutory Off-Road Notice), you have a legal obligation to have it insured.

If your car is uninsured and not SORN you will receive a letter advising you that you need to either insurer your vehicle or apply for it to be SORN. It is not worth ignoring these letters as there are penalties that can be imposed upon you.

Furthermore, being caught driving a car on a public road without insurance can have severe consequences such as prosecution, fines, points on your license and even your car being seized and destroyed.

Why is new driver car insurance so expensive?

When you are new to anything, the likelihood of you making a mistake is much higher. In the same way insurers new and/or young drivers a higher risk and the statistic speak for themselves.

  • green-bullet-pointA staggering one third of fatalities on Britain’s roads are caused by drivers who are aged 17 – 25.
  • green-bullet-point20% of all new or young drivers will have an accident within the first 12 months of passing their test.

When you consider the above statistics it’s not hard to see why new drivers pay more for their car insurance cover. Insurance premiums for young drivers seem to rise every year and are now at levels some would consider to be unfair.

However, there are a few things you can do as a new or young driver to lower the cost of your insurance premiums. One way to cut the cost is to have your driving monitored by a black box installed by your chosen insurer.

What is black box insurance?

Many insurers are now offering their customers the opportunity to agree to having a black block installed into their vehicle as part of their policy terms and conditions.

This ‘black box’ is a device that records numerous aspects of how the driver behaves behind the wheel. These include whether you adhere to the speed limits, how harsh your braking is and data that measures how fast you are corning.

This data is then sent back to the insurer and allows them the ability to profile you as an individual driver and work out the statistical likelihood of you being involved in an accident.

As a direct result of collecting and analysing this data your insurer will be able to offer lower premiums to careful drivers than those paid by drivers whose cover is worked out against national averages. If you are a confident and safe driver, having a black box or telematics box installed in your car can be a savvy way to save money on your insurance costs.

The technology now allows insurers to offer policies that work on a price-per-mile basis, by charging you based upon how long you are on the road and indeed what times of day you drive. Certain times of day are more statically likely to be when an accident occurs so driving outside of these times where possible could save you money.

Are female drivers cheaper to insure?

The statistics show that a staggering 92% of all motor convictions are enforced upon men.

This meant that until 2012 being a female driver would have often led to cheaper car insurance vs male counterparts. As the statistics show they are generally safer drivers.

However, this all changed when the European Court of Justice (ECJ) brought in new legislation to promote gender equality which prohibited insurance companies from taking into consideration the gender of a new driver when working out the cost of their cover.

An unfortunate side effect of this is that female drivers are now expected to pay the same high premium costs as young male drivers. Often however, opting for a black box insurance policy can help offset a proportion of the rise in costs.

After spending a great deal of money learning to drive, paying for your test and buying your first car, to pay, what is in many cases £1,000’s a year to insure your car must be frustrating.

However, all is not lost, there are plenty of ways to save money on your car insurance as a new driver. As we mentioned earlier, one way is to opt for a black box to be installed in your car by your insurance provider, allowing them to monitor how you drive real-time and reward you with lower premiums for driving safely.

Additionally, you can generally find the cheapest car insurance deals online. It is important to shop around and use a comparison service like the one on our website.

So, if you are a new driver, you’ve come to the right place. Our comparison service compares over 100 of the top insurers so you’re bound to find yourself a great deal your car insurance cover.

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