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Northern Ireland Car Insurance

Many years ago, obtaining cheap car insurance in Northern Ireland wasn’t as easy as it is in England, Scotland and Wales. However, in recent years, NI car insurance cover is fairly competitive when compared to the rest of the UK.

The number of UK insurance providers who offer products to drivers in Northern Ireland is ever increasing. This ultimately makes it easier to get cheaper car insurance in Northern Ireland by using Utility Saving Expert’s free online comparison tool.

Why was car insurance more expensive in Northern Ireland?

There are a few different reasons why insuring your vehicle in Northern Ireland used to cost a lot more when compared to other parts of the UK.

The Office of Fair Trading highlights that the region’s legal system was a key reason behind this. This is due to courts in Northern Ireland being seen to be more generous with compensation claims, ultimately leading to insurance providers increasing annual premiums to mitigate the associated risks with larger claims.

Historically, drivers in Great Britain were more likely to compare car insurance cover when looking for the best deals available in comparison to Northern Ireland motorists. This point only becomes more evident when you consider that an OFT omnibus survey conducted in 2011 found that two-thirds of drivers in Northern Ireland chose to stay with their existing car insurance provider at the time of renewal, compared with just over 50% of drivers in Great Britain.

Another key consideration is that Northern Ireland had more road traffic accidents per capita and vehicle in 2010-2011, which also led to increased premiums according to a report from Northern Ireland Transport Statistics.

Is car insurance in Northern Ireland now cheaper than the rest of the UK?

Previously, a number of UK car insurance companies opted to exclude coverage for Northern Ireland drivers. Fewer choices leads to reduced competition which isn’t ideal for consumers. Now that the number of companies offering cover in NI is increasing, customers are starting to see car insurance premiums in Northern Ireland start to fall. Some industry analysts even suggest that it could now be even cheaper to insure a vehicle in Northern Ireland when compared to Great Britain. However, this isn’t conclusive and will always come down to individual rating factors, similar to almost all insurance products. These rating factors include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Vehicle
  2. Local area
  3. Occupation of driver
  4. Previous driving history

Does UK car insurance cover Northern Ireland?

Drivers that enter Northern Ireland with a vehicle from England, Scotland or Wales are automatically insured to drive in the region. Remember that this will only apply if you already have a suitable car insurance policy in place beforehand. It is important to read the terms and conditions of your cover to make sure you are aware of any exclusions or limitations.

If you have decided to relocate to Northern Ireland from another part of the United Kingdom, you must contact your current insurance provider and inform them of the change of address. The same rule also applies even if you just move to another area within the same town/city.

Your insurer will inform you about any changes to your premium. You may see an increase or decrease. If you feel that the price quoted isn’t quite right, we recommend that you compare quotes using our free online comparison tool.

Are there any car insurance companies in Belfast?

Yes, there are a number of providers offering car insurance in Belfast. These include Abbey Insurance, Allianz NI, Apricot Insurance and Hughes Insurance.

Utility Saving Expert allows you to easily compare more than 100 providers within minutes, saving you both time and money.

Which car insurance companies serve Northern Ireland?

Whether you are a young driver who has recently passed his/her driving test, a more experienced over 50’s driver or anyone in between, local NI companies such as Abbey and Hughes can offer you suitable car insurance cover if you live in Northern Ireland.

Although, the number of UK insurance providers who will insure drivers in Northern Ireland is ever increasing. This will make it easier for you to save money by finding a more competitive deal. Utility Saving Expert allows you to compare leading car insurance providers offering cover in Northern Ireland within a matter of minutes.

How can I find cheap NI car insurance if I’m a young driver?

Finding cheap cover for young drivers isn’t always easy. This is because insurance providers will set higher premiums to offset the increased road risk from inexperienced drivers. Despite this, you can still reduce your annual premium by considering the following:

  1. Telematics cover, commonly referred to as black box insurance will monitor your driving behaviour. Safe drivers can reduce their costs by following the guidelines.
  2. Choosing a car with a smaller engine will mean that your vehicle is placed in a lower insurance group.
  3. Taking the ‘Pass Plus’ driving test will help you demonstrate that you are a safer driver and less of a risk for insurers.

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