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Catering is a tough business. From flipping burgers to frying fish, not to mention the crowd of hungry customers you have to serve on time; it’s safe to say it’s a job that will almost definitely make you sweat! It therefore makes sense to protect you business against all eventualities, as should anything go wrong, all of your hard work could literally be going down the pan.

What is catering van insurance?

Catering van insurance is a specialist insurance policy which will cover your livelihood in the event of the unexpected.

There are lots of different types of catering vans, such as static catering kiosks, catering trailers, or food vans and trucks. All may have different business purposes, such as selling ice cream, burgers, doughnuts, crepes or jacket potatoes. Whatever the type of van, and whatever the product, it is important you get specialist catering van insurance in order to protect your vehicle, customers, and livelihood should anything go wrong.

It is always important you explain clearly the type of vehicle you are using for your catering business to your insurance provider. If you fail to disclose certain information, you could be without the correct level of cover; resulting in an expensive dilemma should you need to make a claim further down the line.

Why do I need catering van cover?

Catering van insurance alone is not necessarily a legal requirement; however, running a business, especially if you employ staff, requires a certain level of cover in order to comply with UK law, this is known as employers liability insurance.

The correct catering van insurance should provide this type of cover, which is designed to protect the people you employ from injury whilst at work. It may also provide public liability insurance, which is designed to protect the public from an injury sustained due to your business or product.

Alongside the legal requirements however, you are probably aware that your catering van business is what enables you to pay your bills and look after yourself and your family. Without it, you could potentially be without a job and therefore have no means to make living.

It therefore makes sense to obtain the correct catering van insurance, so you are never faced with the possibility of losing your business.

So let’s look into the types of cover a good catering van insurance policy may provide.

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Levels of cover

Let’s start with the most important level of cover that a good catering van insurance policy should offer – employer’s liability insurance.

Employers’ liability

Employer’s liability insurance is a legal requirement within the UK for all types of businesses, if it employs one or more members of staff. It will cover you against any claims made against you from an employee, should they suffer injury or damage whilst within your place of work.

As an example, imagine a member of staff tripped over a loose wire whilst working in your catering van and as a result fell and broke their arm. If they chose to make a claim, you could face fronting a hefty compensation pay out, as well as the responsibility to pay your own and your members of staff’s legal fees, alongside any medical expenses or loss of earnings they may encounter.

Without any employer’s liability insurance, you would be breaking the law, risking the chance of acquiring a large fine, as well as putting yourself at risk of financial losses.

Public liability

The second most important type of cover that a good catering van insurance policy should offer is public liability insurance.

This type of cover is a popular type of insurance for street food or catering van businesses and will provide cover against any compensation claims made by a member of the public for injury or damage to their property. Any catering environment is a fast-paced industry to work in; therefore accidents involving the public can happen.

Imagine, for example, you drop a frying pan or piece of cooking equipment onto a car that is parked next to your catering van, resulting in a broken windscreen or dent in the bonnet. You are likely to be faced with an unhappy third party, and with a queue of hungry customers you would have nowhere to run or hide.

In this case, you could be facing a large compensation claim however with public liability insurance, you will be reassured that any compensation payouts or legal fees will be covered, your business will remain safe and you won’t have to worry about breaking your bank balance!

Usually, employer’s liability insurance and public liability insurance will be included as a standard form of cover within your catering van insurance policy, however, you should check with your insurance provider before entering into any agreements.

Fire, fixtures and fittings

The third most important level of cover which is usually included in a standard catering van insurance policy is protection against the three F’s – fire, fixtures and fittings.

Working within a catering van usually means you will have the use of electrical appliances on board, which can always be risky pieces of equipment. Having cover for fire, fixtures and fittings then, will ensure you are covered in the event of a fire and help cover the costs to replace your fixtures and fittings if they were to be damaged or stolen.

Optional extras

Like with most insurance policies, there are optional added extras that you could include within your catering van insurance policy:

Business equipment cover

This will be particularly useful if you have a static kiosk or a mobile catering van business which is typically kept in one location overnight. Usually, your business will need specialist expensive equipment or tools, such a fire ranges, in order to cook your food products.

You may then want to ensure this equipment is protected against theft or damage, should your catering van be targeted overnight or your expensive business equipment is damaged in some way.

Business equipment insurance will cover any costs you may encounter should the above arise, ensuring you can replace the items quickly and resulting in minimum disruption to your business.

Stock insurance

It is not uncommon for catering van businesses to store certain amounts of stock on its premises. Whether this be cans of pop or packets of crisps, all could be vulnerable to theft and damage which no matter the value, could lead to financial losses.

It may then be a good idea to consider stock insurance as an optional extra to your policy. It will cover your stock in the event it is stolen, damaged or destroyed and will cover the cost to replace it. The cost of the premium will be dependent on the value and quantity of the stock insured. You should also bear in mind that the insurance payment is based on the stock price of the item, rather than the retail value.

Product liability cover

Product liability insurance will protect you should a compensation claim be made against you, if a product you have sold has caused damage to a third party.

When it comes to selling food, it is considered to be a risky product. If not cooked correctly, or stored correctly before selling to customers, customers could be at risk of food poisoning or other illnesses. Product liability insurance will therefore cover you against any compensation claims and the costs involved.

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