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Robin Hood Energy Nottingham v8

Tariff Prices

Depending on what region you live in the United Kingdom, will ultimately dictate how much you pay for your Gas & Electricity from Robin Hood Energy.

If you provide us with your postal code and email address above, you will be able to view the prices for this tariff and compare them against all other tariffs available in your area to ensure you are getting the most cost-effective tariff for your gas and electricity usage.

Key Tariff Features

  • Fixed energy prices for a period of 12 months.
  • A choice of both online and paper billing.
  • Payment options are as follows; monthly direct debit, quarterly direct debit or payment on receipt of a bill.
  • Available whether you just want electricity or gas and electricity
  • No early exit fees are payable
  • Warm Home Discount not supported

NOTE: Any termination fees shown will not apply after the contract has expired. Tariff data changes quickly so it often becomes out of date. Utility Saving Expert cannot always guarantee the accurate nature of the information shown. Please report any out of date or incorrect information to info@utilitysavingexpert.com

Supplier Information

Nottingham City Council set up Robin Hood Energy as a not-for-profit, independent energy supplier to simply provide gas and electricity prices to its customers in the UK at the most competitive rates possible.

Robin Hood Energy look to provide you with a better alternative to the big 6, and therefore offering you a better deal. They claim to be straightforward, honest and don’t like to use complicated jargon. They have no private shareholders and do not pay their Directors bonuses. They just strive to provide competitive energy tariffs. Robin Hood Energy known only too well that their clients do not want to pay more than necessary for their gas and electricity and therefore, work hard to keep their energy prices as low as possible to become experts at saving their customers money.

Robin Hood Energy claim to take the hassle out of switching and do everything for you, including sending you monthly not quarterly statements so you know exactly how much energy you have consumed.

Even on their fixed price tariffs, they will not charge you an exit fee for leaving early.

For more information on Robin Hood Energy you can visit the main Robin Hood Energy supplier page.

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