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Get cheap Dog Insurance quotes now

If your dog suffers an unexpected illness or injury, it could potentially cost you hundreds or even thousands of pounds in vet fees. It’s quick and easy to compare pet insurance cover with Utility Saving Expert.

This will leave some owners with the difficult choice of either paying up or putting the dog down. An average claim may be around £700. In the following guide we will look at how to find the best dog insurance, regardless of age, breed, or species.

Covering unexpected circumstances

Some people may ask, why do I need to insure my dog? I may not ever need it. The reason you should consider dog insurance is to cover you in the event of unexpected circumstances.

Should I insure my dog?

Yes you should. Vet bills can be very expensive, and are increasing each year. In 2017, the average claim was around £750. According to the ABI (Association of British Insurers), a complex surgery could cost you up to a staggering £30,000.

Get a free online quote within minutes. There’s no obligation to buy. We compare all the leading pet insurance providers making the process quick and simple.

Can I get free treatment for my dog?

You may be able to access free treatment from charities such as Blue Cross and the RSPCA.

They will offer free or subsidised care to dog owners who are on certain benefits, as well as meeting other criteria. They rely on donations as they are charities to continue operating.

Should I declare any medical conditions my dog has?

The pet insurance premium will vary depending on your dog. It is very important that you declare the correct information. If your dog has had any previous medical conditions or associated risks, make sure you disclose these at the time of taking out cover.

If you give false information or omit certain details, your insurer may refuse to pay out in the event of any claim.

Can all dogs get pet insurance?

Some dogs that are bred for their aggressive nature are unable to be insured. These include Brazilian mastiffs, Japanese tosas, and pit bulls. Your dog will not qualify, if it has been cross bred with any of the above.

It can also be challenging to get a standard pet insurance policy for dogs that are used in any commercial way. Examples include: hunting, racing, or sheep dogs.

Will I lose out if I switch my pet insurance?

It is important to remember that most pet insurance providers will not cover you for any pre-existing medical conditions or anything they have already been diagnosed with or treated for. By switching your insurer, your new provider may have further exclusions. If you have already accepted that your dog will not be covered for any previous condition it has already received treatment for, you may still be able to save money. There are a few important exceptions to this:

  • pink-bullet-pointYou are still going through a claim process for a specific treatment on your current pet insurance policy.
  • pink-bullet-pointThese exclusions are not applicable as you have a premium ‘lifetime’ policy.

Please read the full terms and conditions of your policy to make you aware of any limitations and exclusions. Also check to see if any endorsements have been applied.

Is my dog too old to be insured?

Your pet insurance policy will be more expensive if you have an older dog. This is because an older animal has a higher risk of suffering from illness or having an injury. Some providers will have restrictions for age limits, remember to check these beforehand.

As an example, many pet insurance providers will stipulate that the policy holder will cover 20% of all treatment costs in addition to the excess, at the time your dog reaches a specific age.

How can I reduce my monthly premium?

By selecting a higher excess – the amount you pay at the time of making a claim – this can help you reduce your monthly costs. To help you choose a suitable excess, think about how much you would be happy to pay before pursuing a claim.

Some policies will require you to pay a percentage of a claim instead of a fixed amount, be careful as this could potentially be very expensive if your dog becomes seriously ill or has a severe injury. This may also apply for older dogs, check the age criteria.

What if I have more than one dog?

Look for a multi-pet policy as you may be able to save money. Many providers may offer you a 5% to 10 % discount if you buy more than one policy through them.

Don’t forget to compare dog insurance policies to ensure you are getting the best deal. Having more than one pet on your policy will not always be cheaper but it can be more convenient when managing the policy.

Utility Saving Expert compares dog insurance from all the leading providers, it’s quick and easy to get an online quote within minutes.

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