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gazprom-business-energy-icon The Ultimate Guide to Gazprom Energy

Gazprom – Key Information

Gazprom provides both gas and electricity to businesses within the UK and around the world. They are also the leading supplier of gas to UK business customers.

Gazprom Energy operate in 3 countries and they supply business energy to more than 30,000+ industrial and commercial customers. They have offices across Europe and over 350 employees.

The business energy retailer doesn’t produce gas or generate electricity but Gazprom, their parent company, is responsible for 13% of global gas production.

All of the gas and electricity Gazprom supplies to its customers is bought on the wholesale market through their parent company: GM&T Ltd.

Gazprom Energy – The History

Gazprom Energy – Launch

Their parent company, Gazprom Marketing & Trading Limited (GM&T Ltd), was established in 1993 to manage Gazprom’s marketing and trading activities in European markets. Gazprom Energy is the brand name for GM&T Ltd’s retail subsidiaries and activities across Europe.

Gazprom Energy was established in 2006, after their parent company, Gazprom Marketing & Trading (GM&T), acquired a gas provider from the north of England.

Gazprom Energy’s CEO is Kurt Bligaard Pedersen who is also Head of Global Retail for GM&T Ltd.

The business energy supplier has more than 350 employees across three locations:

  • gazprom-green-bullet300 people in Manchester, UK
  • gazprom-green-bullet25 people in Paris, France
  • gazprom-green-bullet26 people in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

Gazprom entered the UK energy retail market in 2006 when their parent company acquired Pennine Natural Gas to create their first retail business outside Russia.

Gazprom holds the world’s largest natural gas reserves and is responsible for 13% of global gas production. The business energy supplier also has several hundred subsidiaries, both inside and outside Russia, and employs nearly 500,000 people around the world.

Gazprom – How to Contact

You can contact Gazprom Energy through a number of different ways.

If you wish to contact Gazprom Energy via post, you can write to them at: 20 Triton Street, London, NW1 3BF

Gazprom Energy – Opening Times

Their office opening hours are between 8:30am and 5:00pm, Monday to Friday. 
Remember that any telephone calls made may be recorded.

Contact Gazprom via telephone by calling them on 0161 837 3395

If you smell gas or suspect a gas leak, contact The National Gas Emergency Service immediately on 0800 111 999. Calls are free, and they operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Republic of Ireland customers should contact The National Gas Emergency Service on 1850 20 50 50.

We also recommend you take the following action:

  • gazprom-pink-bulletOpen all doors and windows to ventilate the space
  • gazprom-pink-bulletTurn gas supply and gas appliances off at the mains
  • gazprom-pink-bulletAvoid smoking or the use of any naked flames
  • gazprom-pink-bulletAvoid turning any electrical switches off or on

You can visit Gazprom’s website directly at : https://www.gazprom-energy.co.uk/

If you need to email Gazprom Energy, you can use their web form to send them a message at https://www.gazprom-energy.co.uk/contact-us/. Your message will be forwarded to the relevant department

You can also use social media to contact Gazprom on Facebook and Twitter.

Gazprom – Head Office

A map showing Gazprom’s Head Office location can be found below.

gazprom banner

Fuel Sources Summary – Gazprom

As of figures available in October 2018, this is Gazprom Energy’s electricity fuel mix:

Gazprom Fuel Mix 2018

Source of electricity percentage from the following fuels:

  • gazprom-blue-bulletCoal 3%
  • gazprom-blue-bulletNatural Gas 17%
  • gazprom-blue-bulletNuclear 5%
  • gazprom-blue-bulletRenewable 74%
  • gazprom-blue-bulletOther fuels 1%

Environmental impact for Gazprom

As of figures available in October 2018, Gazprom assessed its environmental impact as follows:

Environmental impact = 95.77g CO2 emissions/kWh and 0.00052g high level radioactive waste/kWh.

Current Gazprom Energy Tariffs

Gazprom provides a range of products for large industrial and commercial businesses

The business energy provider offers fixed products, flexible products, pass-through products and a whole range of other services

Gazprom Gas – Shield Fixed Price

Gazprom’s Shield Gas offers the following benefits:

  • gazprom-green-bulletTotal budget security and protection against market fluctuations
  • gazprom-green-bulletFreedom to set a contract length of between 12 months and five years, depending upon start date
  • gazprom-green-bulletSet-up with an optional automated meter reading service
  • gazprom-green-bulletFree online access to your account, helping you stay informed and in touch

Gazprom Gas – Flexible

If your business uses more than 10GWh of gas per year, you could save money with Gazprom’s flexible gas purchasing contracts.

Gazprom Gas – Pass-through

  • gazprom-green-bulletPay the true price of the gas your business uses – so if the third-party charges associated with your supply drop, then so will your gas bills
  • gazprom-green-bulletMonitor your gas usage and spend by accessing your account online – perfect for owners, accountants, managers and energy specialists
  • gazprom-green-bulletAccurate bills through Gazprom’s automated meter reading service
  • gazprom-green-bulletFreedom to sign contract lengths from 12 months to five years, up to four years in advance.*

Gazprom Electricity – Shield Fixed Price

Gazprom’s Shield Electricity offers the following benefits:

  • gazprom-green-bulletFixed price, for great protection against market fluctuations and more accurate budgeting
  • gazprom-green-bulletAutomated meter reading services, ideal for busy professionals
  • gazprom-green-bulletContract lengths between 12 and 42 months, providing long-term protection
  • gazprom-green-bulletFree online access to your account

Gazprom Electricity – Flexible

If your business uses more than 100 GWh of electricity per year, employs a dedicated energy manager or buyer, Gazprom’s flexible electricity contract may be the right solution for your business needs.

Gazprom Electricity – True pass-through

True Electricity is Gazprom’s pass-through electricity option, it offers businesses the following benefits:

  • gazprom-green-bulletA mix of protection and cost-saving potential
  • gazprom-green-bulletFreedom to select the elements you’d like to fix and those you’d like to pass through
  • gazprom-green-bulletFurther flexibility is offered by the varied contract lengths, contract terms range from 12 to 42 months
  • gazprom-green-bulletFree online access to your account is offered
  • gazprom-green-bulletA monthly automated meter reading service to avoid estimated bills

Other Gazprom services

Gazprom also provides the following services

  • gazprom-green-bulletCarbon management
  • gazprom-green-bulletGas shipping
  • gazprom-green-bulletPower Purchase Agreements (PPA)

Customer Reviews – Gazprom

Gazprom have won a number of industry awards and accolades, including Supplier of the Year at the Energy Awards 2015.

Currently, there isn’t enough data to provide accurate review scores for Gazprom Energy

Compare Gazprom

You should now have all the necessary information you need for Gazprom. Use Utility Saving Expert’s online business energy comparison tool to see how Gazprom Energy compares against other UK business energy suppliers.

Last Updated: 31/10/2018


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