How to find and compare cheap electricity prices

Switch to a cheaper electricity tariff today

When you’re looking for a better plan for the electricity that powers your home or business, your top considerations will likely be the cost and the supplier. However, there’s no single supplier that is right for every household and there are many other factors at play.

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It’s important to find a plan with a tariff that suits you, whether that’s variable or fixed-rate, and matches the meter you have, which could be standard, a smart meter or a prepayment meter. You should also consider the source of your power and whether you’d prefer to have renewable electricity. Finally, you need to ensure your new plan will deliver the right amount of energy to cater to your household consumption in a cost-effective way.

Finding the best electricity deals

Compare plans to find the cheapest electricity tariff for your needs. Using Utility Saving Expert’s online energy comparison tool, you could find a better electricity deal and switch within a matter of minutes. To see exactly how much you could save, use a recent bill or your annual statement to input your usual energy usage.

If your energy bill says you are on a standard variable tariff that you don’t recall choosing, this might be because you haven’t switched plan for a while. If you were previously on a plan with a fixed-term tariff and didn’t switch once your contract ended, your account may have been switched on to the default standard variable tariff. This is usually the most expensive option, and you’ll almost certainly make savings if you switch plans. Our comparison tool will show you all of the best deals, and the tariff you choose may even be with your current supplier.

Some suppliers will offer discounts for customers who purchase both gas and electricity with them. If you also use gas in your home, it’s useful to look at the dual fuel tariffs that are available because suppliers will often offer discounts if you purchase both gas and electricity from them.

Why switch electricity supplier?

Switching supplier is the best way to save money on your bills. A total of 11 million customers saved £1 billion on their energy bills in 2019, according to UK Government figures. Their report concluded that “consumers who switch … make the biggest savings.”

By shopping around for energy, consumers help to keep the market competitive. Suppliers must price their electricity in line with what their customers expect, or risk losing them to cheaper tariffs.

Compare electricity deals to make sure you are paying a fair price for your power. If you find a better deal elsewhere, want to start using renewable energy or decide to move to a supplier who provides better customer service, switching is easy.

How do I compare and switch my electricity provider?

To compare electricity deals, visit Utility Saving Expert to use our free, independent comparison site for impartial results that will help you find a cheaper electricity tariff in minutes. If you’d prefer, you can call our experts on 01242 32 31 31.

All you need to provide is your postcode and some information about how much electricity you use.

1. Postcode

Providing details of where you live helps us to generate results that are available to you and accurate quotes. This is because most suppliers will charge different energy prices for different regions and not every supplier covers every area.

2. Electricity consumption

Referring to a past electricity bill or your annual statement ensures that the potential savings we show you are correct. If you don’t have access to exact data, you can still compare by making estimates about your energy consumption.

Inputting information about your home, location and energy consumption ensures we generate deals that are tailored to suit your needs. This keeps comparing and switching electricity supplier simple, helping you find a better deal that could save you hundreds of pounds within minutes.

After you’ve chosen your new electricity tariff, all you need to do is confirm that you’d like to switch and add your contact and payment details for your new supplier. Everything else is taken care of.

We’ll get in touch with your new electricity supplier, and together with your existing supplier, they will handle the processes and inform you of the switchover date. Everything will be finalised within 21 days, which includes a two-week cooling off period where you are free to change your mind.

Finally, you’ll be asked to provide some meter readings so that your final statement from your old deal and first bill with your cheaper electricity tariff are both accurate.

Will cheaper electricity deals provide worse customer service?

Finding a cheap deal doesn’t have to come at a compromise. The assumption that saving money on your utility bills means you’ll have to pay the price elsewhere, like putting up with low quality service or poor communication with your supplier, is false.

You won’t experience poor customer service because you chose a cheaper electricity deal, but as with any purchase, it’s useful to learn about the supplier to ensure they will meet your expectations.

When browsing through your search results on our comparison site, you will see lots of useful information about our trusted suppliers including star ratings to help you make the right choice.

Will there be interruption to my electricity supply when I switch?

When you switch electricity supplier, you won’t experience any downtime or disruption to your power. You can keep using your electricity as usual because there won’t be any physical changes to your power supply. Your home will continue to use the wires and meters that you currently use unless you choose to install a smart meter.

Your new electricity supplier will contact your existing supplier to organise the switch and they will handle all of the processes involved.

Normally, the only thing that changes is the amount on your electricity bill and the company you pay to supply your power. Enjoy the savings and rest assured that there won’t be any interruption of service when you switch to a cheaper electricity deal.