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Are you looking to switch your business energy supplier or tariff? Utility Saving Expert can compare commercial energy providers to help you find the most competitive deal for your business needs. It’s quick and simple to get a no-obligation quote within minutes.

Simply enter a few business details and we’ll do a full market comparison to check you’re not overpaying on business electricity and business gas. You could save your business hundreds and sometimes thousands of pounds each year by comparing business energy tariffs with Utility Saving Expert.

Why switch business energy suppliers?

Most businesses will use more energy in comparison to an average household. Generally, small businesses (10-49 employees) spend an estimated £7,000+ on gas and £12,000+ on electricity each year. When your costs are high, it makes sense to get the best commercial energy deal available.

Pricing isn’t the only factor to consider, you need a high level of customer support and service. It’s imperative to have minimal issues and be able to resolve any problems as quickly as possible.

By comparing business energy suppliers, you can quickly see which providers offer great customer service in addition to saving money on commercial energy bills.

How much could I save by switching business energy?

The amount your business could save by switching commercial energy suppliers will depend on a number of different factors. These include the size of the business, number of employees, and how efficient you are. It’s difficult to give an exact estimation as one business isn’t 100% identical to another. To see how much you’re likely save, compare business energy deals online with Utility Saving Expert.

How do I switch business energy supplier and how long does it take?

Switching business energy supplier is similar to switching your domestic supplier. It should be quick and simple.

If you wish to switch, complete one short form which should only take a few minutes, providing details about your business’ location, your current supplier, and how much you typically spend. Having your latest bill can be helpful.

After completing the form, Utility Saving Expert will compare a range of providers and tariffs, these are based on your business’ requirements. Select the option that you’re happy with. The new energy supplier will manage the whole switching process for you.

Utility Saving Expert has made the process of switching commercial energy supplier and tariff easier than ever. Once you start the process, it usually takes an average of 4 to 6 weeks to complete the switch.

Remember, switch times can vary and may be impacted by your business’ individual circumstances.

What information do I need to compare business energy?

To compare business energy suppliers, you will need the following information:

  • blue-bullet-pointYour business premises address
  • blue-bullet-pointName of current supplier
  • blue-bullet-pointHow much is your bill usually? (excluding VAT)
  • blue-bullet-pointYour contact name and number

It should only take you a few minutes to compare online, and there is no obligation to switch. Alternatively, if you would prefer to speak to one of our energy experts about your renewal, call 01242 32 31 31.

What are the different business tariff options?

What is a fixed term tariff and how does it work?

A fixed term tariff is a contract type that details how much a business will be expected to pay for its energy consumption.

You will be charged a fixed price per unit for your gas and/or electricity usage. You will also have to pay a daily standing charge, this is an additional cost, and does not affect how much energy your business consumes.

The price you pay for each unit, including the standing charge will not change for the duration of your business energy contract. The length of these contracts are generally one to four years.

These may be suitable for smaller businesses because knowing exactly what your energy costs are allows for better planning and budgeting, giving you peace of mind because you’re protected from price changes during that period.

At the end of your fixed term you could choose an automatic renewal offer, or transfer to another business energy supplier.

What is a variable rate tariff and how does it work?

A variable rate business energy tariff can be more flexible, this will depend on the energy market’s current and future climate. If the cost per unit is lower, you could save money by taking advantage, however, if unit prices increase, your energy bill will also be higher in accordance.

If you don’t want to commit to a fixed term contract then a flexible contract might be the better option for you. Flexible contracts are ideal for businesses that are looking for a good price, but want a commitment-free, flexible product.

Half-hour meter tariff

For larger and more energy-intensive businesses, you will likely have your consumption monitored by a half hourly meter to ensure that the power usage is measured more accurately.

The meter information is relayed back to the supplier and ensures that the company bill is accurately reflecting your usage.

You can compare commercial energy tariffs within minutes through Utility Saving Expert. See how much your business could be saving each year, there is no obligation to switch. Alternatively, if you would prefer to discuss these options with one of our energy experts, call 01242 32 31 31 today.

Will my current supply be disrupted?

You should not experience any disruption or downtime to your current supply when you switch commercial energy suppliers. The new energy provider will manage the whole switchover process for you.

The only thing you need to do is take a final meter reading and make sure that your last bill is paid, your old supplier will contact you about this.

If you have decided to switch suppliers whilst you’re already in a contract, you will be responsible for making sure any exit fees and charges are paid. It will be useful to check if the savings outweigh the costs of switching.

What is green business energy?

Green energy is another term for renewable energy, it will be sourced naturally from biomass, solar power, and wind power etc. As a commercial energy customer, you will be given these options.

You may decide to choose an option that doesn’t use fracking, this is an environmentally damaging way to extract natural gas from the earth. You can also take smaller steps to consider the environment such as being more energy efficient and opting for paperless billing.

Want to know more about generating your own energy, visit the Energy Savings Trust for further advice and guidance.

Why use Utility Saving Expert?

There are many business energy comparison sites but we’re able to offer so much more. Here are a number of benefits when using Utility Saving Expert:

  • green-bullet-pointOur business energy comparison service is completely free for you with no hidden costs or charges.
  • green-bullet-pointWe offer a 100% impartial analysis of the commercial energy market. Our price comparison engine was the first to be 100% impartial.
  • green-bullet-pointOur results reflect up-to-the-minute pricing, to deliver your company the best business energy rates available.
  • green-bullet-pointWe pride ourselves on our transparency.
  • green-bullet-pointOur customer service is second to none. We are there every step of the way.
  • green-bullet-pointBecause we care, 10% of all our profits go to charity.
  • green-bullet-pointWe have a wealth of Social Sector experience.

Compare business energy with Utility Saving Expert

Compare business energy quotes online within minutes. See how much you could be saving, there is no obligation to switch. Alternatively, if you would prefer to speak to one of our energy experts about your renewal, call 01242 32 31 31 today.

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