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energy comparison iconUltimate Guide to Energy Comparison

Welcome to the Utility Saving Expert guide to , we help you compare energy tariffs from every gas and electricity supplier in the UK. If you’re looking to reduce your energy bills and start saving money, you’re in the right place.

Compare energy quotes today by using the tool above. It’s quick and easy to get an online quote within minutes, we compare every energy provider in the UK for you, helping you save money.

Compare Energy

Compare Energy Prices

It’s quick and easy to compare energy prices with Utility Saving Expert.

You can save up to £450.42* per year by comparing energy prices, it takes a few minutes using our energy comparison tool to start saving today.

Here’s how to tariffs

  • compare-energy-green-bulletEnter your current details, including your current supplier and your postcode
  • compare-energy-green-bulletCompare energy tariffs from a whole range of energy providers
  • compare-energy-green-bulletSelect the best tariff that meets your needs
  • compare-energy-green-bulletEnter some confirmation details, including your contact and payment details
  • compare-energy-green-bulletSelect ‘confirm’, and you’ll be switched to your new energy provider usually within three weeks

Whether you rent or own your home, it makes no difference – you can start saving money on your energy bills by comparing energy deals today.

There may be a chance that you’re paying more than you should be on your energy bills. Nearly two thirds of UK households are currently on standard variable tariffs***

Compare energy prices to start saving.

Compare gas and electricity

You can compare both gas and electricity prices with Utility Saving Expert. If you’re receiving both gas and electricity from the same energy supplier, it’s known as a ‘dual fuel tariff’ – this option is available when comparing energy tariffs online.

You may receive a discount from some gas and electricity energy providers by switching to a dual fuel tariff. This will be outlined in the tariff details if applicable.

Remember, the best gas and electricity deal may not always be the cheapest option available to you. We recommend that you compare the price of gas and electricity individually as well.

Compare gas only

Do you want to compare gas prices only? No problem. Select the ‘Gas’ option when you start using the energy comparison tool. This option will only display and compare gas prices. You will not be shown any electricity tariffs. You can now choose from a number of energy suppliers.

Compare electricity only

If you only wish to compare electricity prices, select the ‘Electricity’ option when you start using our energy comparison tool. This will now only display and compare electricity prices. You will not be shown any gas tariffs. You will have the option to choose a range of energy suppliers.

Energy comparison – Compare energy suppliers

If you’re comparing energy providers, price will be a key consideration, however, it’s not the only metric you should look at. If you’re searching for the best gas and/or electricity supplier, it’s always a good idea to look at the reputation of the company in addition to the price they offer.

A smart way to compare energy providers is to take a look at what types of services are available from each energy supplier. Look out for their opening hours, how they handle customer queries related to billing and complaints. It’s important to look at the reputation of the company, independent customer ratings and reviews will also be helpful.

Each and every energy provider within the UK will be regulated by Ofgem, this essentially means that companies of all sizes, small or large, will have to follow the same rules and regulations.

Knowing that each company is regulated by Ofgem should give you peace of mind when using an energy comparison tool. All companies will be required to follow the same rules, if any company does go under, you will be covered by Ofgem – they will even make sure that your energy supply doesn’t get cut off by arranging for an alternative supplier to take over your tariff if required.

Here’s how to tariffs

  • energy-compare-green-bulletLook at the reputation of each company
  • energy-compare-green-bulletLook at what services each provider offers
  • energy-compare-green-bulletEvery energy company in the UK is regulated by Ofgem

Energy comparison with Utility Saving Expert.com

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Compare energy to save money


Energy hints and tips

Don’t get caught out by rising energy prices

How to avoid energy price hikes.

The increase in energy prices has led the UK government to establish an energy price cap before winter 2018. These new laws will allow Ofgem to put in place this new price cap. This cap should save customers up to £100 per year on their energy bills but we recommend carrying out an energy comparison to maximise savings.

Until this cap is in effect, energy providers can still increase their tariff prices, here’s a list of suppliers that increased their prices in 2017:

  • compare-energy-suppliers-pink-bulletBritish Gas
  • compare-energy-suppliers-pink-bulletEDF
  • compare-energy-suppliers-pink-bulletEon
  • compare-energy-suppliers-pink-bulletNpower
  • compare-energy-suppliers-pink-bulletScottish Power
  • compare-energy-suppliers-pink-bulletSSE
  • compare-energy-suppliers-pink-bulletCo-operative Energy
  • compare-energy-suppliers-pink-bulletBulb

If you’re on a standard rate tariff, you may see an increase in your energy bills. One way to prevent your energy price from increasing is to switch to a fixed rate tariff. This will mean that your gas and electricity price will be fixed for the duration of the contract. You may have the option to switch to a fixed price tariff that could be cheaper during your contract, some suppliers may charge you an administration fee for doing so. It’s a good idea to check the terms and conditions of your contract.

Compare energy tariffs and start saving today.

Switching is the quickest and easiest way to save on energy bills

Switch energy provider to save money today by starting an energy comparison with Utility Saving Expert.

The best way to save money on your bills is to either change the tariff you’re currently on or switch your energy provider. You can save up to £450.42* per year by using our energy comparison tool.

Comparing energy deals and tariffs is quick and simple. You can do this within a few minutes. You’ll usually be set up with your new energy supplier within three weeks, your current gas or electricity to your home will not be at risk.

Find out more about the energy switch guarantee here

Why you should compare energy prices

You can easily save money on your energy bills by comparing energy prices – you could even save up to £450.42* per year by switching your energy provider.

Contacting the energy supplier directly won’t necessarily get you a cheaper price. Industry regulations state that companies are not able to offer cheaper prices than those found on a comparison website.

Want to know how much you could save? Compare energy prices now, it’s quick and simple to get a no obligation quote today.

Energy Comparison – How does switching work?

How to switch energy supplier using an energy comparison website.

  • compare-energy-pink-bulletEnter your current details, including your current supplier and your postcode
  • compare-energy-pink-bulletCompare energy deals from a range of energy suppliers
  • compare-energy-pink-bulletSelect the best tariff that you’re happy with
  • compare-energy-pink-bulletEnter some confirmation details, including your contact and payment details
  • compare-energy-pink-bulletSelect ‘confirm’ to switch to your new energy provider usually within 21 days

If you switch your gas or electricity provider, you will be given a 14 day ‘cooling off period’. This will give you time to decide if you’re happy with your switch, alternatively you can cancel this without incurring any additional fees during this time period.

Understand your energy bill

How to understand your energy bill.

Here are the key points to consider when trying to understand your energy bill:

  • energy-compare-pink-bulletThe tariff: the bill will display the name of your current tariff
  • energy-compare-pink-bulletComparison rate: this will state how much your current tariff costs, allowing you to easily compare the rate
  • energy-compare-pink-bulletEnergy consumption: how much gas or electricity you use, calculated in kilowatt hours (kWh)
  • energy-compare-pink-bulletTerms and conditions: Information on your notice period, conditions of current price plan etc.

Tips on saving energy

How to save gas and electricity.

Our guide to increasing energy efficiency explains how you can save money on your gas and electricity in the home. Here’s some key considerations:

  • compare-energy-pink-bulletInstall a new boiler that is more energy efficient
  • compare-energy-pink-bulletPurchase appliances that are rated to be energy efficient
  • compare-energy-pink-bulletTurn off electrical appliances that are left on standby overnight
  • compare-energy-pink-bulletInstall a smart thermostat and reduce the household temperature
  • compare-energy-pink-bulletWash clothes at a lower temperature
  • compare-energy-pink-bulletInstall double glazed windows
  • compare-energy-pink-bulletConsider roof and wall insulation

It’s important to have the right information when thinking about how energy efficient your home can be. Take a look at the following:

Ofgem Confidence Code

Our energy comparison engine is accredited under the Ofgem Confidence Code. This regulates how price comparison websites operate. We follow strict guidelines to ensure that the process of switching your energy provider is as easy and straightforward as possible.

Energy comparison – save on gas & electricity

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Comparing energy will help you save


Energy FAQs

How do energy comparison websites work?

Utility Saving Expert is an energy comparison website. We help consumers save money every day by helping them find out if there is a cheaper gas or electricity tariff available to them.

Our energy comparison tool is accredited by the Ofgem Confidence Code. This strictly regulates how energy comparison websites like us are able to operate. We endeavour to make the process of switching your energy supplier as easy and simple as possible.

Similar to most energy comparison sites, we’re paid a fee each time someone switches their energy tariff.

However, unlike most energy comparison sites, we have pledged to donate 10% of our net profits to fuel poverty charities.

Why should I switch my energy supplier?

Why compare and switch energy providers using an energy comparison website?

You can easily save money on your household expenditure by switching to a new energy tariff.

Nearly two thirds of UK households are paying more than they should be for their gas and electricity.***

Want to know if you could start saving hundreds of pounds** every year on your energy bill. Comparing energy tariffs is quick and easy, it only takes a few minutes.

How do I compare and switch energy suppliers?

Switching your energy supplier using an energy comparison website is a lot simpler than most people think it is. it’s easy comparing energy tariffs to find a better deal. Here’s how:

  • energy-comparison-blue-bulletEnter your postcode and the type of energy you wish to compare
  • energy-comparison-blue-bulletInclude information about your property and current energy usage (this can be found on your latest bill)
  • energy-comparison-blue-bulletYou will be presented with a list of tariffs showing how much you will save next to each one by switching
  • energy-comparison-blue-bulletSelect the energy tariff and company you’re happy with
  • energy-comparison-blue-bulletEnter your contact and payment details to confirm
  • energy-comparison-blue-bulletThat’s it. You’ll be switched over to your new energy provider usually within three weeks

Energy Comparison – What happens when I switch?

Once you’ve switched to a new energy supplier, your new provider will inform you on which date the transfer is due to take place. They will ask you for a meter reading closer to the date of the switch, this will be passed on to your previous supplier, allowing them to send you your final bill.

Yes, that’s it – there’s nothing more you need to do.

No digging, no drilling, and no additional pipes are required. Your current gas or electricity supply will not experience any interruption.

How long will it take to switch?

You can expect to be switched over to your new energy provider usually within three weeks.

Most UK energy companies have entered into the Energy Switch Guarantee initiative. This essentially means that the provider you are switching to will manage the whole transfer process for you, ensuring it has been completed within 21 days.

I haven’t heard of this company – is it safe to switch to them?

All UK energy suppliers are regulated by the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem). This also requires companies that are much smaller and not as well-known as the largest energy suppliers to abide by the same regulations. If any company ends up bankrupt, you will be covered by Ofgem – they will make sure that your gas and electricity supply is not affected by a loss of service by assigning a new provider to take over your energy tariff.

A few other ways you can save money on your utility bills by utilising:

Further information can be found at https://www.ofgem.gov.uk

Energy Comparison – How do I choose the right tariff?

If you’re looking for a new energy tariff, consider whether you should go for dual fuel (both gas and electricity are provided by the same supplier) or selecting each tariff separately (this allows you to buy gas and electricity from two separate companies). We recommend that you compare energy prices for both options. This is because the combined price of individual tariffs may sometimes cost less than a dual fuel tariff.

Also consider the following

Fixed rate deal:

Can be more expensive to begin with but prices are fixed for the term duration

Variable rate deal:

Can cost less to begin with, your bill may increase or decrease as the price of energy units change

The cost of your bills can also be affected by the way you pay them. You may be able to receive a discount for paying via direct debit, managing the account online, and opting out of receiving communication by post.

Do I need to inform my current supplier?

No. Once you’ve selected a new energy tariff, the whole switching process will be managed by your new provider. They will inform you about the date the transfer is due to take place. Closer to the switch date, they will also ask you for a meter reading. The information from this meter reading is sent to your previous supplier, enabling them to calculate your final bill.

Do I need to cancel my Direct Debit?

Yes. Once your account with your previous supplier has been closed, you will be sent your final bill. After making your last payment, you should go ahead and cancel your Direct Debit. Sometimes, the previous supplier will cancel the Direct Debit on their end too, but it’s always a good idea for you to cancel this as well. If you find that your account is in credit, this money should either be returned to your bank account or sent to you via cheque.

Energy comparison – start saving today

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Energy guides

If you would like additional information, why not take a look at our energy guides:

Other energy saving ideas from UtilitySavingExpert.com

Why compare and switch with us?

Why use Utility Saving Expert to switch your energy?

You could be saving hundreds of pounds every year by switching your gas and electricity provider to a lower priced tariff via Utility Saving Expert’s energy comparison tool.

We prices from all UK energy providers, helping you find the cheapest tariffs available that will save you money.

To find the best energy deals, it will only take a few minutes of your time. Just answer a few simple questions, and we’ll display the tariffs from each energy company. You will then be able to easily to see how much you could save by switching to a new tariff.

Utility Saving Expert allows you to switch tariffs available from most companies, directly through our site.

If you would like to speak to someone on the phone, contact us on 01242 32 31 31. We’re happy to answer any queries, and even help you switch to a new tariff.

How do we make money from utility switches?

We compare utilities on our website for free. We don’t make any money if someone compares energy companies.

However, if you choose to switch after carrying out a utility comparison on this website, we’ll be paid a fee. If you decide not to proceed, or cancel your switch, we don’t get paid.

It’s important to mention that unlike most energy comparison websites, we donate 10% of our net profits to fuel poverty charities. We believe it’s highly important to fight fuel poverty in the UK.

Do we compare the whole energy market?

Yes, we show deals from all UK energy companies that are in the market. We’re able to help you switch to most of them. There are some companies that do not work with us through this way, however, you will still be able to see their tariff prices within the results table to compare them with other energy providers, you won’t be able to click through to their website from ours.

Fortunately, we do work with all UK energy companies to ensure we present accurate pricing. This allows us to calculate a reliable estimation of what you can expect your bill to be by selecting any given energy provider. This transparency will help you understand how much you could potentially be saving.

UK energy companies are not able to offer a cheaper price if you contact them directly. This is due to rules and regulations within the energy industry.

How does our relationship with energy companies affect our service to you?

We don’t allow energy companies to get in the way of our ability to serve customers in the best way possible.

We will always display how much you’ll be able to save by comparing energy providers and switching. Any savings you make are not affected by any fees we may receive.

Our energy comparison tool follows Ofgem’s Confidence Code. This is a pledge to place customers at the heart of everything we do.

We believe it’s extremely important to fight fuel poverty, this is why Utility Saving Expert has pledged to donate 10% of net profits to fuel poverty charities.

Energy Comparison – Why are we telling you this?

We provide a free service to you. Being transparent with our customers is very important to the way we do business.

Supplier List

Leading business energy providers we compare

Our business energy comparison engine compares the following suppliers:

  • British Gas Business
  • SSE Business Energy
  • Corona Energy
  • EDF Business Energy
  • EON Business Energy
  • Scottish Power Business
  • Yorkshire Gas and Power
  • Crown Gas & Power
  • Dual Business Energy
  • Extra Business Energy
  • Haven Power
  • Hudson Business Energy
  • Opus Energy
  • UGP Business Energy
  • CNG Business Energy
  • Bristol Business Energy
  • Gazprom Energy
  • Clear Business Energy
  • Engie
  • npower Business
  • Utilita Business
  • Octopus Business Energy
  • Avanti Gas
  • Total Gas & Power

UtilitySavingExpert.com Ltd’s Gas and Electricity energy comparison service is provided by Energylinx – Registered Address: e-centre, Cooperage Way Business Village, Alloa, FK10 3LP.

*Our gas and electricity energy comparison site is powered by our partner Energylinx. Energylinx provides the gas and electricity energy comparison service for UtilitySavingExpert.com Ltd and is fully accredited to the Ofgem Confidence Code. No common ownership or control rights exist between us. Giving you confidence in the knowledge that the projected costs are calculated in accordance with approved industry standards.

**20% of all users over the last 60 days (31 Aug – 29 Oct) achieved an energy comparison saving of at least £450.42
***60% of UK consumers are on standard variable tariffs, Ofgem Retail Energy Market report 2017