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Created to help consumers find better value for money and to tackle fuel poverty, is the UK’s leading socially responsible comparison site.

We donate 10% of our net profits to charities fighting fuel poverty in the UK and we are passionate about doing good to create real change.

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We are an independent price comparison website and help you get access to quotes across the market.

Comparison tables are ordered by price and never by referral revenue

Why compare prices with Utility Saving Expert?

Utility Saving Expert empowers you to compare a wide array of products, from car insurance to business energy comparison, home insurance, and more. Our dedication to helping you find the best deals through an easy and transparent comparison process sets us apart.

How do price comparison sites make money?

Price comparison sites usually only make money once they have helped customers save money. For example, if you choose to switch to a new provider through Utility Saving Expert, we may receive a small fee.

However, it is important to highlight that this does not affect the price you pay as a customer. We have no control over online pricing or how it varies. We will always sort prices by lowest to highest to help you find the best deal when you use our comparison tools.

How can I trust the prices Utility Saving Expert shows?

As an independent price comparison website, we help you compare a wide range of quotes from across the market with the lowest priced quotes ranking on top. This is part of our pledge to you. The independent and impartial comparison means we will always place the customer above all else.

Shouldn’t I just buy direct from a provider?

You can. However, by going direct you won’t necessarily get the best deal available to you. A price comparison site can compare hundreds of providers within minutes, sort deals by price and display features side-by-side. This in our opinion makes it easier for a price-conscious consumer to make a better, more informed decision.

Should I use more than one comparison site?

Using more than one price comparison website is definitely worth considering. It’s only natural to want the best deal available. We value your time and have made it quick and easy to get a free no-obligation quote on a range of products and services.

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