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How to compare cheap Economy 10 Tariffs

Economy 10 tariffs are a type of energy plan that offers customers cheaper electricity during off-peak hours. If you generally tend to use most of your electricity during the evening or night, then this tariff could help you save a lot of money on your bills.

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What is the best way to use an Economy 10 tariff?

If your property is heated by electricity, rather than gas, you will see greater benefits from being on an Economy 10 tariff. If your home is heated by gas, it is likely that you will only see smaller savings on your energy bill.

If you have decided that an Economy 10 tariff is right for you, it’s recommended that you prioritise your energy consumption during the night and the three specified hours during the day. Economy ten tariffs are better suited to properties that have a heating system which is capable of retaining produced heat. Heating system examples include storage heaters, underfloor heating and water tanks.

It’s also a good idea to consider the number of different electrical appliances you have, these could include but are not limited to cookers, dishwashers, dryers or washing machines. If your schedule allows you to make use of these during the night, then you could save money with this tariff, as they will be in use when your electricity rates become cheaper. Think carefully about where these appliances are located within your home, as you don’t want your sleep being disturbed.

Do I need a different meter if I’m on an Economy 10 tariff?

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How do I read an Economy 10 meter?

Economy 10 meters are a little more complex compared to a standard meter, this is because these meters will display more than one reading. Your meter will show you two to three different readings depending on who your energy supplier is, these are the following:

  1. Day time – normal usage
  2. Day time – off-peak usage
  3. Night time – low usage

The Economy 10 meter will give customers one of two options; you’ll be able to scroll through the readings with the press of a button, or it will automatically refresh and cycle through them. The two to three-meter readings that are displayed will have to be passed on to your gas and/or electricity supplier, allowing them to calculate what your total bill will amount to.

Is an Economy 10 tariff the right option for me?

Switch supplier and save up to £450.42* on your gas and electricity bills