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Switching energy supplier in 5 easy steps

How to switch your gas and electricity supplier

Switching gas or electricity supplier can save you hundreds of pounds on your energy bills. Whilst you might imagine that finding the best deal would take lots of time and patience, that’s a common misconception.

How the energy switching process works

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The information you will need to switch energy suppliers

All you need to switch energy supplier is your postcode and a recent energy bill to hand. If you don’t have access to a paper copy of your bill, you might find the information you need in your emails or by logging into your energy supplier’s website or app.

Even without access to your bill, you can compare and switch supplier if you have a good knowledge of your energy usage and current contract.

Steps for switching gas and electricity supplier tariff

1. Visit Utility Saving Expert, the UK’s leading socially conscious energy comparison site

Our comparison tool is free to use, 100% impartial and fully accredited to the Ofgem Confidence Code.

If you choose another energy comparison site, we recommend that you check they are also accredited by energy regulator Ofgem and look for a site that is unbiased to ensure you get balanced, accurate information and regulated deals.

2. Enter your postcode for accurate results

The cost of gas and electricity varies by region, so your postcode will impact the deals you are shown.

Some suppliers will only serve specific areas, and sometimes you will be offered cheaper gas and electric based on where you live. This can be influenced by factors such as the amount of energy a supplier sells in a particular region, or charges implemented by the local distribution networks.

3. Add information about how you use your energy

The way each household consumes energy is different. To ensure you get accurate results, you should input the correct details about your energy usage from your most recent bill and be transparent about your lifestyle.

Even after switching supplier, you should keep an eye on your energy usage to better understand how you use gas and electricity. This knowledge will help you make savings where possible.

4. Review the energy supplier comparison results

Once you’ve added your postcode and energy usage, we’ll generate a wide selection of results based on what’s best for your household.

You may be surprised at how many great options there are. To help you find the right deal, you can filter based on the tariff type, supplier, payment, and choose to view dual fuel, or gas and electricity deals separately. For each option, we’ll show you their provider rating, the way their billing works, exit fees, financial projections and savings. You can reveal even more information by selecting More info.

5. Choose a new energy plan and confirm your switch

When you’re ready to pick a new plan, all you need to do is click Proceed online next to the deal you’ve chosen. This confirms you’d like to go ahead with the switch.

Follow the instructions and provide your contact and payment details, along with any other relevant information your new supplier needs.

Then all you need to do is sit back and relax whilst your new supplier takes care of things. They’ll be in touch with you to provide your switching date, and they’ll inform your old supplier of the switch too. You’ll probably be asked to provide some meter readings, but there’s nothing else that you need to do except think about how you’ll make the most of your savings.

Switch Gas & Electricity By Comparing Today

After you switch energy supplier

Let’s say that you’ve just confirmed you’d like to switch gas or electricity supplier. You might be wondering what happens next. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions answered.

Will my gas or electricity supply be interrupted when I switch energy supplier?

You can rest assured that your energy supply will be exactly the same throughout your switch. You won’t experience any downtime and you don’t need to worry about any disruption. The flow of gas and electricity remains the same and you won’t need to have any changes made to pipes or cables. You can continue to heat and power your home comfortably.

When will I be switched to my new energy supplier?

Although comparing and switching gas or electricity supplier online takes just a few minutes, the entire process takes a little longer. Usually, you will be powered by your new supplier within 21 days. This includes a cooling off period, during which you are free to change your mind about switching without being charged any additional fees.

Do I need to contact my new energy supplier?

After switching energy deal, you don’t need to call your new or old suppliers. Your new energy supplier will get in touch with a welcome pack, to outline the contract you’ve agreed, and to provide the dates that the switch will be finalised. They will also ask you to take a meter reading, which they’ll pass on to your old supplier to ensure your final bill is accurate.

Will I be billed twice during my switch?

You won’t be billed multiple times when switching energy supplier. The companies involved will agree a switchover date and keep everyone informed of this, ensuring final billing dates and starting billing dates don’t overlap. It’s a good idea to check that you’ve cancelled any old direct debit payments once you change supplier to be completely certain that you won’t be overcharged.

Can I change my mind about switching energy supplier?

Even after you switch gas or electricity supplier, you can change your mind. You will be given a 14-day cooling off period to check you’re happy with your new deal. During this time, you can cancel without being charged any additional fees. If you change your mind, contact your supplier and let them know. They will be able to stop the switching process for you. Even if you cancel during the cooling off period, you won’t be left without power in your home.

Can I switch energy suppliers again?

You can switch gas or electricity suppliers every 28 days, but some energy deals have cancellation charges called exit fees. These are usually if you’re on a fixed term plan, using a fixed tariff rate until a specific date.

However, during the final 49 days of your contract, you can switch without paying an exit fee, and it’s a good idea to compare and switch at the end of your contract. For some households, it might be beneficial to switch before your contract ends. Be mindful of the exit fee and weigh this up against the savings you could make from switching.

Switch supplier and save up to £450.42* on your gas and electricity bills