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What is is and where do find it?

MPAN: Meter Point Administration Number

Your MPAN number is an identifier that marks out the electricity supply point that is unique to your property.

You might be asked about an MPAN number if you are trying to find out about the electricity supplier for your home, or perhaps if you are in the process of switching business electricity contract.

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Where to find your MPAN number

You will find your MPAN listed on your electricity bills. It should not be confused with your account number or customer number, however, it’s possible that it may be called a supply number.

Unlike with your MPRN, which is the equivalent of an MPAN that is specific to the gas network, you won’t find your MPAN displayed on your electricity meter.

Often the MPAN will be printed on the first page of your bill, or perhaps on the reverse side of the first page. If you have opted for paperless billing, you’ll be able to find the MPAN on digital versions of your energy bills.

Some electricity companies display the Meter Point Administration Number within a bordered box on your bill so that it stands out, making it easy to reference if you need to contact your supplier.

Regions, DNOs and MPAS contact numbers

The difference between an MPAN an MPRN

Your MPAN is a unique reference to your electricity supply point, and there is an equivalent for your property’s gas supply, which is known as an MPRN. Typically made up of six to ten digits, the MPRN stands for the Meter Point Reference Number, and is sometimes called the M number.

Just like you can find the MPAN on your electricity bills, you will also find the MPRN printed on your gas bill. However, in contrast to the MPAN, you can also locate the MPRN by looking at your gas meter, where it will be physically printed. Although the MPRN is located on your gas meter, it should not be confused with the meter’s serial number.

When you move house and you want to find out your new property’s current gas supplier, you can call the National Grid’s Meter Number Helpline on 0870 608 1524 and tell them your new MPRN, along with your postcode and address, and they will tell you who your current gas provider is.

How to switch electricity supplier

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