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What is the Energy Intensive User Group?

The Energy Intensive User Group (EIUG) plays a pivotal role in the UK’s industrial landscape, particularly in sectors where energy consumption is a significant factor. Established as an umbrella organisation, EIUG represents the collective interests of energy-intensive industries (EIIs) across the United Kingdom.

Aspect Details
Core Focus Advocating for fair and competitive business energy prices, ensuring the security of energy supply, and supporting the cost-effective decarbonisation of British industry to maintain the international competitiveness of UK industries.
Member Industries Includes sectors like steel, chemicals, fertilisers, paper, glass, cement, lime, ceramics, and industrial gases, essential to the UK’s manufacturing supply chains and crucial for decarbonisation of energy, transport, construction, agriculture, and household sectors.
Economic Contribution Members collectively add billions in Gross Value Added (GVA) annually and support hundreds of thousands of jobs, highlighting the significance of EIUG in the industrial sector.
Advocacy and Influence Engaged in policy advocacy to influence government decisions on energy, addressing challenges like carbon leakage and the need for secure, competitively priced business energy.
Future Goals Committed to supporting the UK’s transition to a low-carbon economy, emphasizing balanced policies for sustainable growth and competitiveness of energy-intensive industries alongside environmental goals.

The Energy Intensive User Group stands at the forefront of championing the needs and interests of the UK’s energy-intensive industries. With a steadfast commitment to advocacy and policy influence, EIUG plays a crucial role in shaping a sustainable industrial future.

Balancing economic growth with environmental responsibility, the group is a key facilitator in the transition towards a low-carbon economy, ensuring that these vital sectors not only thrive but also contribute positively to the UK’s broader environmental and economic objectives.

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