Who Supplies My Gas and Electricity

How to find out your gas and electricty supplier

If you have recently purchased your first property or you’re about to move home, whether as a home owner or tenant, you may be asking yourself – Who is my gas and electricity supplier? There are a number of ways that you can find out which energy supplier you’re currently with and whether you’re getting the best deal available.

Compare and switch energy supplier

Who is my gas supplier?

If you wish to know who supplies gas to your property, you can use the online gas supplier checker.

If you would prefer to speak to someone on the phone, call 0870 608 1524 to get in touch with the Meter Number Helpline.

The two above services will also be able to help you locate your MPRN number. The MPRN (Meter Point Reference Number) will help you identify who supplies your gas.

Who is my electricity supplier?

If you wish to know who supplies electricity to your property, you can call your regional electricity distribution telephone number. We have listed contact numbers for all British regions in the table below:

Distributor and Region Telephone Number
North Scotland SSE Power Distribution 0345 026 2554
North West United Utilities 0870 751 0093
North East England and CE Electric UK 0845 601 3268
North Wales, Merseyside,
Cheshire Sp Power Systems and North Shropshire
0845 270 9101
Eastern England EDF Energy 0845 601 5467
East and West Midlands Central Networks 0845 603 0618
London EDF Energy 0845 600 0102
South Scotland SP Power Systems 0845 270 9101
South East England (Kent & EDF Energy parts of Sussex and Surrey) 0845 601 5467
Southern England SSE Power Distribution 0345 026 2554
South Wales Western Power Distribution 0845 601 5972
South West England Western Power Distribution 0845 601 5972

Alternatively, if you’re still unsure you can give us a call on 01242 32 31 31 and we can look to help you.

I have just moved home and need to find out who supplies my gas or electricity

If you have recently moved to a new property, the quickest way to find out who is your energy supplier is to speak to either the landlord, letting agent, or previous owner/tenant of the property.

You may also receive a letter addressed to ‘The Occupier’, if the previous tenant or home owner has notified their gas and electricity supplier that they’re moving.

This letter will give you information about the gas, electricity, or dual fuel supplier. Once you have these details, it’s time to take the next steps moving forwards.

If you move to a new property, most energy suppliers are likely to place you on one of their ‘Standard Plans’, these are often the most expensive tariffs.

A ‘Standard’ Plan is the energy provider’s default plan, these plans may not provide you with any discounts through the use of a dual-fuel tariff, usage of an online account, or paying through Direct Debit instalments.

How can I switch my energy supplier?

Once you are aware of who supplies the energy to your new property you will be able to switch to a tariff that is more in line with your needs, and in many cases something more cost effective. Here at Utility Saving Expert we totally understand that for most people moving to a new house is a very stressful time, we’d like to make it as easy as possible for you to change supplier if you want to.

Here’s how you can switch your gas and/or electricity provider by using Utility Saving Expert:

  • Enter your current details, such as your current energy supplier and postcode
  • Compare deals from a wide range of providers
  • Select the energy tariff and supplier that you’re happy with
  • Enter some confirmation details such as your contact and payment information
  • Select ‘confirm’ to switch to your new energy provider – this will usually take up to 21 days

If you switch your gas or electricity provider, you will be given a 14-day ‘cooling off period’. This will give you time to decide if you’re happy with the new energy company, if you’re not satisfied, you can cancel the switch without incurring any additional fees during this time period.

How can I save money on gas and electricity?

Moving to a new house is a costly exercise and the last thing you want on top of all the expense is over inflated energy bills.

The best way to save money on your electricity and gas is to carry out an online energy comparison. Our tools make it easy for you to quickly see how much you could be saving.

Use your current bill to enter details about your consumption in kWh, alternatively you can also enter the amount you’re currently paying.

If you don’t have your previous bill to hand, you can still compare and switch energy suppliers. Select your current supplier and we’ll be able to provide you with an estimate dependent on your current tariff rates. The comparison will display how much you will be able to save by switching to a new supplier.

You’ll be happy to know that our online comparison engine is automatically updated and includes all energy providers in the UK, giving you access to the latest rates and tariffs available.

Compare and switch energy supplier

What happens next?

By completing one short form you can get energy quotations for a wide range of suppliers that are available to switch to online. If you choose a supplier who is signed up to the energy switch guarantee scheme, the switching process is even faster.

Utility Saving Expert has made the process of switching suppliers as easy as possible.

We will automatically send your switch request details to your current supplier and new supplier for you. At this stage, you won’t have to do anything until the new supplier contacts you. It’s a good idea to contact your old supplier to make sure the final bill is correct by giving them the meter reading.