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Business Gas Meter Installation Guide

Letting your commercial supplier know how much gas your business consumes on a monthly basis can be time consuming. Normally, you will be expected to give them a meter reading each month for your business gas usage. However, if you don’t already have a gas meter, it will be useful to know how you can get one installed for your business.

Do I need a new business gas meter?

Anyone who manages a business may wish to contemplate whether a new gas meter at work should be installed. This can help you with the following:

  • Reduce your energy bill – It’s a lot easier to manage your day-to-day energy usage and figure out ways to reduce your costs with a new gas meter. The amount you’re likely to save will largely depend on the size and type of company you operate. Installing a new gas meter will certainly help you manage energy use more smartly.
  • No more problematic billing: Your supplier can provide more accurate billing by precisely calculating how much energy you are using. Most modern gas meters will send the relevant data straight back to your provider.

A provider is only legally required to check your meter every two years. If you’re not sending regular meter readings for your gas use, they will have to estimate your bill. This will no doubt mean that you are either being over charged or under charged for your business energy rates. For more accurate billing, why not consider a smart meter for your business.

Being overcharged for gas will allow you to claim back the money, however, this can often be a long and strenuous task. The last thing you want to be doing is going back and forth with a customer service advisor over the phone or through email exchanges.

Being undercharged for gas will mean that you now owe the supplier money. Depending on how long this has been the case for, you may find yourself indebted by a considerable amount. This also means that you won’t be able to switch business energy until this balance has been paid in full. If you are already on an expensive business tariff, this may become problematic.

A new gas meter can also assist you in reducing your carbon footprint, in addition to helping you cut your expenses. As you’re taking the necessary steps to become more sustainable, the public image of your business will also improve.

When do you need your new business gas meter fitted?

It’s a lot quicker to arrange an installation of a new gas meter in comparison to getting a meter for your electricity. As soon as you have signed up to a new gas contract, the energy supplier will normally send an engineer out to install your new meter within five working days.

Having said this, we recommend that you contact your new supplier at least two weeks before you require the new gas meter to be installed.

Your maximum gas requirements

Each company that uses gas will have a maximum requirement. This is the total amount of gas that could be used by your business’ appliances within an hour.

To calculate your maximum gas requirement, you can ask a CORGI-registered engineer to check your appliances. Alternatively, you could also ask the National Grid to tell you what this is likely to be.

Where will your gas meter be fitted?

Your new gas meter could be installed either internally or externally. This will largely depend on your premises and where your gas supply is positioned. For buildings with gas pipes that don’t enter the property, the meter will have to be outside. Should this be the case, your supplier will most likely provide a box or shelter for the new meter.