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Key information about Affect Energy

Affect Energy is relatively new to the energy market. The company has been providing gas and electricity to customers across the UK since 2016.

The firm strongly believes in putting its customers first, being innovative and keeping its tariffs straightforward and easy to understand.

Affect Energy is based in Shoreham by Sea and was founded by John Szymik. The supplier regularly receives good reviews for its customer service. Octopus Energy bought the company in 2018, however, Affect continues to trade under its own name.

It was estimated that Affect had 22,000 customers in 2018.

Company history

Affect Energy was originally founded in 2016, as a small independent energy provider based in Shoreham by Sea, near Brighton in West Sussex. Although a newcomer to the market, the team behind Affect has more than 50 years of experience working in the UK energy sector, giving them a strong foundation.

The supplier began with the goal of providing energy that was ‘simple, painless and great value for money’. The team used their previous knowledge and experience to see that customers primarily wanted the following two things:

Affect Energy will hope to achieve this by using their vast experience to change the energy industry for the better, and placing an important focus on developing excellent customer service.

In August 2018, Octopus Energy acquired Affect Energy. This move allowed Octopus to purchase one of its small competitors and enabled Affect the opportunity to further develop and offer additional services to its customers by joining a bigger firm.

How to contact Affect Energy

You can contact Affect Energy through a number of different ways.

If you wish to contact the company via post, you can write to them at the following address:

Affect Energy
7 Riverside Business Centre
Brighton Road
BN43 6RE

Opening times

Their office opening hours are between 9:00am and 5:00pm, Monday to Friday. Remember that any telephone calls you make may be recorded.

Contact Affect via telephone by calling them on 0330 60 62 675

You can visit the company’s website at:

If you need to email the firm, they can be reached at:

You can also use social media to contact Affect via Facebook and Twitter.

Head office

A map showing their head office location can be found below.

Warm Home Discount Scheme

Affect Energy has NOT signed up to the government’s Warm Home Discount Scheme.

The government’s Warm Home Discount Scheme gives eligible people a £140 discount on their electricity bill between October and April. You are automatically eligible for the scheme if your energy company is part of the scheme and you get the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit. You may be eligible if your energy company is part of the scheme and you are on a low income or if you receive certain means-tested benefits.

The Warm Home Discount Scheme payment doesn’t affect your annual Winter Fuel Payment or any Cold Weather Payment you may receive.

For more information on the Warm Home Discount Scheme you can visit

Fuel sources

All suppliers, including Affect, are required to provide information about the mix of fuels they use to generate the electricity they supply to their customers.

The environmental impact of this fuel mix must also be disclosed. This should be published each year and is known as the ‘Fuel Mix Disclosure’.

Fuel mix data for April 2018 to March 2019 for Affect Energy, data taken from OVO as they supply Affect’s customers.

Energy Source / Affect Energy / National Average
Coal / 0% / 5%
Natural Gas / 61% / 41%
Nuclear / 0% / 19%
Renewables / 39% / 33%
Other fuels / 0% / 2%

Environmental impact

CO2 g/Kwh / 212 / 208
Radioactive g/Kwh / TBC / 0.007

Current Bulb Energy tariffs

Aiming to keep its energy tariffs straightforward, Affect Energy only offers new customers two tariffs: a standard tariff and a fixed rate tariff.

Both of these tariffs work with standard and Economy 7 meters and can be selected for gas, electricity or dual fuel options.

Full terms and conditions can be found by visiting Affect’s website.

Affect Energy reviews

Affect Energy has an ‘Excellent’ Trustpilot rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 2,024 customer reviews.

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