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How To Start A Used Car Dealership

Trading cars sounds simple, right? You buy cars at a lower price and sell them for more than you paid.

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Market research

Before buying your first used car, find out what types of cars are selling well in the city/town you will be operating in, including details of how much they typically sell for.

Think about who you’re selling to, you may wish to target a specific audience e.g. you decide to specialise in selling a specific car make and/or model you have knowledge about. Find out where your target audience buys used cars from, and how long it typically takes to sell a car. You can price your cars by looking at current adverts as well as price evaluation websites, this will help you understand how much you should be charging.

Have a business plan for your used car dealership

Compare cheap motor traders insurance quotes

Inform your local authority

Buy motor trade insurance for your used car dealership

Sell a used car

Register as a sole trader