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Low cost scrap insurance policies

The scrap metal industry is worth billions and plays a considerable part in the UK economy. If you run a scrap metal business, you need special mobile scrap collector’s license across all vehicles used for business operations, plus insurance cover for your motor trade business.

A growing number of insurance firms provide insurance for scrap dealers, allowing you to manage a business that specialises in scrap metal with suitable cover.

Compare scrapyard insurance policies from a wide range of reliable insurance providers using Utility Saving Expert to find coverage that will suit your business needs.

Why do you need scrap insurance?

Millions of tonnes of metal are recycled each year and scrap dealerships play an important part in that cycle, but scrap businesses face risks just like any other industry, such as financial losses if something goes wrong.

Scrap metal insurance is designed to protect against the unknown, for example, compensation if there is an incident that causes damage to your business premises or to equipment, machinery or tools that are essential for your business to run.

Insurance can also cover you if one of your employees or a member of the public has an injury that happened in your scrapyard or as a result of your business activities, or if there is theft of your stock.

Scrap insurance policies will be tailored to suit your dealership and can be scaled up or scaled down to appropriately match your day-to-day operations.

Your insurance policy can be compiled of a variety of cover:

Insurance whilst you are on the road

Van insurance: Firstly, if you’re operating a van then you’ll need to have a commercial van insurance policy in place. Be sure to check all the terms and conditions on standard van policies, which may not cover large vehicles, heavy goods vehicles (HGVs), or unusual vehicles like caged vans or tipper trucks.

Protecting your tools, goods and business premises

Business premises: Just like any company, it’s important to consider taking out insurance for your business premises, including any office buildings, scrap yards or storage units that you are responsible for, so these are insured against unfortunate events like damage and destruction from fires, floods, theft and vandalism.

Liability cover

Employers’ liability cover: If you employ people, whether these are full-time, part-time or casual staff, you’ll need to take out employers’ liability insurance, by law. This provides cover for your business in case an employee is injured at work, and if an employee claims against your business or requires compensation.

What is the cost of breaker’s yard insurance?

It’s incredibly difficult to estimate how much your scrap dealer insurance will cost without knowing the coverage you intend to take out.

As each policy is tailored to match your scarp metal business requirements, each motor trade insurance policy comes with its own specific details and a unique price tag.

Whilst it would be unrealistic to provide an average cost for scrap dealer coverage, it is possible to highlight the factors that insurance firms will look for when estimating your quotes.

In addition to the specific cover and add-ons you choose to feature in your policy, factors that will impact costs include:

Your claims history

As with any insurance offer, your history of claims or no claims can play a part. If you have claimed on insurance in the past, the quotes you are offered may reflect this with higher premiums. If it’s possible, try to use your personal no claims bonus for your motor trade policy. Not all insurance providers will permit this, but it’s worth investigating if you are trying to keep your costs down.

The location of your scrapyard, office and storage units

If your business is located in an area with higher levels of crime, such as vandalism or theft, or with a greater likelihood of road accidents occurring, you will probably receive quotes with higher premiums. If location is an option, consider where you could position your business premises safely. If you can set up shop in a secure location with lower crime rates and fewer road accidents, this will encourage cheaper insurance quotes.

The business size and staff count

Running a large, complex scrap metal business with many staff employed increases the chances of a claim being made against you. What’s more, there are more opportunities for accidents with machinery to happen if there are a variety of operational activities running in parallel. This increases the likelihood that you’d need to use your insurance, which raises the premiums you are quoted.

Extra features and add-ons

Finally, the more you add to your insurance policy, the more expensive it will become. It’s critical that you cover the risks that are likely to happen, to avoid being caught short. However, you should also be realistic about your business requirements and finances. Make sure you have adequate insurance in place, but only take out cover for the areas that reflect what your business really needs.

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Low cost scrap metal insurance with Utility Saving Expert

There are some helpful tricks for encouraging cheaper scrap metal coverage, which can be quick and easy to implement. For example:

  • Consider paying for an entire year’s worth of insurance cover in one go, instead of splitting your payments into monthly fees. Most insurers will provide a discount for a bulk payment up-front. Plus, it removes any risk of your business racking up late payment fees or interest charges. You can also encourage cheaper insurance if you opt to pay higher voluntary excess if you did need to make a claim.
  • Think carefully about which employees you include for specific coverage within your policy. For example, if you are taking out road risk insurance or commercial vehicle cover and will be adding a few staff members as named drivers, choose the employees who are sensible and safe on the roads. If your named drivers have clean driving licenses and are at an age and experience level that makes them less risky to insure, your quotes will be lower.
  • Add additional layers of security to your scrapyard to make it as safe as possible. By installing security measures such as alarms, CCTV, sufficient locking systems, and parking vehicles in locked garages overnight, you can discourage thieves, vandals or trespassers from trying to enter your breaker’s yard. Without safety measures in place, the insurance provider might see your business premises as high risk. Adding security features lowers the risk, which encourages them to offer you a cheaper deal.

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