Finding the best deal for you and the environment

How to compare green energy suppliers

There is a growing understanding amongst people all over the world that they need to do their part to reduce their impact on the environment. Many individuals are also campaigning for businesses to take action against climate change by reducing their carbon footprints, leading to entire industries answering the consumers’ call and changing the way they do things.

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What green energy costs

Historically, renewable tariffs have been slightly more expensive than standard tariffs because the cost of producing green energy was higher.

Advancements in technology mean that green energy deals are now much more affordable, and are becoming highly sought after by energy consumers who want cleaner energy powering and heating their homes.

Whilst progress has been made to level the playing field between renewable energy contracts and standard deals, generally, the cheapest available gas and electricity deals are still not green tariffs. Even so, green energy companies are the highest-rated for customer service in the UK, proving that going green can have more benefits than may be presented at face value.

Find the cheapest deals when you compare energy contracts using our free online tool, and you’ll see exactly how much you could save by switching to a green energy tariff.

How to find the cheapest green energy deals

Suppliers offering 100% renewable energy

Not all energy suppliers who offer green energy are offering 100% renewable energy. If you want to be sure your energy comes entirely from renewable sources, you can look out for energy deals from one of the following companies:

  • Bristol Energy,
  • Bulb,
  • Co-op Energy,
  • Economy 7 Energy,
  • Ecotricity,
  • Foxglove Energy,
  • Good Energy,
  • Green Network Energy,
  • Green Star Energy,
  • Gulf Gas & Power,
  • iSupplyEnergy,
  • Octopus Energy,
  • Outfox the Market,
  • Ovo Energy,
  • People’s Energy Company,
  • Pure Planet,
  • Robin Hood Energy,
  • So Energy,
  • Symbio Energy,
  • Tonik Energy,
  • Yorkshire Energy.

100% renewable energy is typically made up of:

  • electricity from renewables sources, and/or
  • carbon-neutral gas

Green electricity

Renewable electricity can be generated from:

  • solar panels,
  • wind turbines,
  • hydropower,
  • tidal power,
  • geothermal power stations.

Green gas

It’s more difficult to produce renewable gas, compared with generating renewable electricity. Biogas producers supply carbon-neutral fuel, but your green gas supply may not come entirely from biogas. To counter this, some energy suppliers use a percentage of non-green gas and will actively offset their carbon emissions by donating to environmental projects around the world.

Top-rated green energy suppliers

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