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Best and Worst Energy Companies of 2022

Smaller, newer suppliers are the best energy companies according to consumers, Which? has revealed, with all of the Big Six sitting lower in the rankings and more small firms rated as the worst.

UK’s best energy supplier tariff deals

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The best energy companies

Every year, Which? recommends the top provider or providers. For 2020, three providers have been recommended, which is the most they’ve ever highlighted in this way in a single year. They are:

1. Octopus Energy

(first place)

2. Pure Planet

(joint third)

3. So Energy

(joint seventh)

All three recommended energy providers are considered challenger brands, being newer and smaller than the likes of the Big Six. The top-rated providers typically put their customers first and are unafraid of doing things differently, adapting to what their customers want. An example of this is that all three recommended suppliers sell 100% renewable energy.

#1 rated energy supplier

Second place supplier

Coming in second place was Ebico, receiving 79% for the customer score, 60% for the procedures and practices score.

Ebico, a not-for-profit on a mission to help those affected by fuel poverty, was awarded five stars for bill accuracy but had no rating for complaints handling. Founded more than 20 years ago, it’s one of the oldest smaller energy firms and has risen from fourth place in 2019 to second in 2020.

All tariffs include 100% renewable electricity, and the Ebico Zero tariff is one of the few with no standing charge, meaning customers are only charged for the energy they use.

Customer feedback included: “Better value than my previous supplier by a long way.”

Joint third place supplier

Joint fifth place

Following the top four energy companies, including a tied third place, the scoreboard jumps to another tied fifth place with Powershop and People’s Energy.

Selling renewable tariffs, and promising to put people and the planet first, is People’s Energy.

The energy company received five stars for bill accuracy, but no rating for either customer service or complaints handling, and only three stars for digital tools. Nevertheless, it came in at joint-fifth out of 35 energy companies with 77% customer score, but no score for procedures and practices.

Having launched through a crowdfunding campaign in 2017, People’s Energy gives its customers 75% of the company’s profits through bill reductions and account credit. It equalled as one of the best-rated firms for value for money.

“As a shareholder I benefit in a way I cannot with other suppliers,” said one customer.

Tying for fifth place was Powershop with 77% customer score and 74% procedures and practices score. This energy company scored five stars for bill accuracy but had no rating for either customer service or complaints handling. According to Which?, there were not enough customer responses to rate how the company deals with complaints.

An independent brand that has backing from Npower, Powershop promises to offer a different way of buying energy through its energy powerpacks, which are discounted bundles of gas or electricity that customers can buy in advance.

“The powerpacks that Powershop has on offer are fantastic,” one customer said.

Also in the top 10 energy providers

The worst energy companies

Out of sight at the top of the leaderboard were the energy industry’s most well-known brands, often referred to as the Big Six. None made it into the top 20 and all achieved customer scores between 51-61%.

Low-ranking Big Six

SSE and E.ON were tied in the highest ranking of the Big Six, coming in at 24th out of 35, also tying with Energy company E, each with a customer score of 61%.

One of the UK’s largest energy suppliers, and the largest generator from renewable sources, SSE was given four stars for customer service and complaints handling. All other categories got three stars.

Slightly lower down the table

Sharing the 27th spot, EDF Energy and British Gas both received a customer score of 60% and majority three-star ratings, but a disappointing two stars for value for money.

Npower, which supplies more than 4.5 million domestic and business customers, took 30th position out of 35 energy companies.

Scottish Power

Last year, Scottish Power matched Npower’s low score, but 2020’s ratings pulled Scottish Power even lower down the charts, bringing them in at joint 33rd position.

Switching to a cheap energy supplier

Whilst some people may worry that switching energy supplier could leave them suffering with poorer customer service, these survey results tell a different story.

Coming in last

Taking second last place in 2019 and again in 2020 is Spark Energy, this time tying with Scottish Power. Last year’s lowest-ranked company, Solarplicity has since ceased trading.

The worst-rated energy company in 2020 is Together Energy with a customer rating of just 48%, and a mixture of two-star ratings or no ratings whatsoever.

One customer said: “They ignore emails and when one speaks to them on the phone they don’t do what they say they will.”

At both the top and bottom of the table sit relatively new energy companies, but Together Energy had a customer scoring that was 35% less than Octopus Energy in first place. The results suggest that Together Energy has some changes to make if it wants to start impressing its customers.

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Energy companies rated

You can see the tables of the best and worst performers below. How does your current energy supplier measure up?

The top 10 energy suppliers

PositionSupplierCustomer Score
1 Octopus Energy83%
=3Bulb Energy78%
=3Pure Planet78%
=5 People’s Energy 77%
=7So Energy75%
=9 Bristol Energy 73%
=9 Co-operative Energy73%

The worst performing energy suppliers

PositionSupplierCustomer Score
=27British Gas60%
=27 EDF Energy60%
29 Shell Energy58%
30 nPower57%
31Green Star Energy55%
=33 Scottish Power51%
=33Spark Energy 51%
35 Togerther Energy 48%

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