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Low-cost car breakdown cover policies

The majority of us own a car (or several) and although they provide us with a great service most of the time, they can break down! This is when breakdown cover comes to the rescue! Asides from ensuring peace of mind, it’s often a lot less costly than having to arrange cover on the spot.

From fixing the issue on-site to towing your vehicle to the nearest garage, all of these expenses add up. When you have a quality cover in place, you pay a small monthly or annual fee meaning someone else takes care of the upfront costs in the event of a breakdown.

As with most policies, be it car insurance, house insurance or breakdown cover, there are numerous providers and levels of cover to choose from. Here at Utility Saving Expert, we want to help you decide on the best policy for your needs, so we’ve provided an insight into the many different options below, as well as information on what this cover involves exactly.

What Is Breakdown Cover?

Do I Need Breakdown Cover?

Compare breakdown cover quotes and you could save money

What Does a Breakdown Policy Cover?

All in all, there are five key elements of breakdown cover to choose from, spanning from van breakdown cover to national recovery, cheap car breakdown cover, UK breakdown cover and more.

This makes vehicle breakdown cover a bespoke motor insurance option as the package you choose is dependent on the level of instant cover you require.

You can further tailor these packages with add-ons, such as alternative transport (should your car not be able to be fixed at the scene of the breakdown), flat battery cover and more.

Local roadside assistance

If you break down when driving in your local area, your breakdown service will send a patrol car to your exact location, ensuring you have roadside assistance on hand.

National vehicle recovery

If you break down a significant distance from your local area, national vehicle recovery will ensure you are privy to roadside assistance, irrespective of where you break down in the UK.

At-home breakdown

Often referred to as ‘home start’, at-home breakdown recovery will ensure you’re up and running should your vehicle break down before you’ve even left home.

Onward travel

This section of the policy covers additional transport, should you require it to get you to where you need to be if your car is unable to be fixed on-site.

European breakdown cove

If you often use your car in Europe, European breakdown cover is a must as it will cover you whilst overseas, and for the length of your journey.

Parts and Garage Cover

Parts and Garage Cover, often referred to as Breakdown Repair Cover, assists with repair costs in the unfortunate event of your vehicle breaking down.

What Extras Can I Include In My Breakdown Insurance Policy?

When it comes to breakdown cover, you can make it as bespoke as you wish. From adding extras such as the replacement of keys to misfuelling cover, tyre replacement extras, the option of a hire car as alternative transport and more – there are numerous add-ons to consider, many of which will save you money in the long run…

When considering a breakdown cover quote, it is always a good idea to check what additional extras are already included in the policy you have chosen and what extras you’re able to add.

Some companies have several levels of the same cover, with the lowest level being the most basic and the premium option boasting an array of handy extras.

Misfuelling cover

Misfuelling is unfortunate, however, it does happen. Whether you’re not paying attention or using someone else’s car, adding the wrong fuel to a vehicle can cause a great deal of damage unless you drain and clean the tank.

Replacement of keys

Car key cover is another optional add-on, and one certainly worth investing in. Acquiring a replacement key for a modern-day car without a breakdown cover can set you back a small fortune.

Tyre replacement

A set of new replacement tyres, on the spot, could set you back around a whopping £520. Adding tyre replacement as an extra to your breakdown cover will likely only set you back in the region of £6 per month – irrespective of whether they have been damaged maliciously or accidentally punctured.

Battery replacement

A standard battery costs in the region of £160. This is a hefty and unnecessary cost that can be avoided by adding battery replacement as an extra to your standard breakdown cover policy.

Compare breakdown cover quotes and you could save money

Common Breakdown Cover Exclusions

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2nd time I’ve used the site. There quite new as comparison sites go, but, what I really like is that not only do they save me plenty of £££, they also donate to fuel poverty charities to help those in need.

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Used to get insurance for delivering as an Uber Eats driver. Got a few quotes from brokers and ended up with a great deal.

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Good service, easy to use. Will use again as helped me save some money.

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Why Compare Breakdown Cover with Utility Saving Expert?

When it comes to choosing a quality breakdown provider, choosing the correct policy for your needs can be a difficult feat. In fact, with so many providers to choose from, the choice can seem overwhelming. This is when using an online comparison site such as ours at Utility Saving Expert is key, as we do the hard part for you and allow you to choose the best policy for your circumstances.

By entering a handful of details, such as information on the car or cars you wish to insure, how many people you wish to add to the policy and whether or not you wish to add European cover or any other extras, like replacement keys or tyres to the policy, will ensure you find a breakdown policy that suits both your needs and your price range.

You will be met with a list of breakdown cover provider options able to cater to your requirements, as well as quotes from each breakdown service. The best part about using our comparison tool is that when you compare breakdown policies, only trusted providers regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority will be revealed in the search results, so you can relax knowing you will have reliable coverage no matter what option you pick.

This is a great way to source everything from UK breakdown cover to the cheapest breakdown cover, to a vehicle recovery service for those wishing to take their car to Europe to options that allow you to pay monthly as opposed to annually.

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Is it more cost-effective to combine breakdown cover with car insurance?

This depends on which provider and which deal you choose. In some cases, it may be more cost-effective to invest in both a breakdown policy and car insurance as separate packages. Although, this can be more hassle and necessitates two separate direct debit payments – one for car insurance and one for roadside assistance.

For best results, use our comparison site, to compare both standalone and packaged breakdown policies to ensure you get the best vehicle cover deal for your needs and budget.

How many callouts am I allowed to make each year?

This is entirely dependent on your roadside assistance cover policy – certain covers will allow for a specific number of callouts, included in the price of the policy, that are capped when you reach the limit.

Other breakdown cover providers will let you make an unlimited amount of call-outs. It is however important to review your policy’s T&Cs as you may be charged an additional fee or excess for each callout made.

Are accidents included in breakdown cover?

Certain car breakdown cover companies will exclude the recovery of cars involved in accidents in their entirety. The policies that do cover accidents will arrange the towage of the customer’s car from the scene of the accident but only after authorisation has been given by the emergency services on-site or the police.

It is important to read the terms and conditions of your breakdown assistance cover policy carefully to understand exactly what your specific agreement covers and doesn’t cover.

You can learn more about this in the breakdown cover FAQs. These can be viewed on the website of most providers at the bottom or in the ‘about us’ section. In addition, when you compare breakdown cover providers, you will likely receive a list of all the items they do cover in the policy in the shape of a handy information table.

Am I allowed to make a claim straight after taking out a breakdown cover policy?

Yes, your vehicle breakdown covers you from the date you take the breakdown cover policy out. Providing the incident occurred after you signed the breakdown policy (and you can prove this), you will be able to make a claim straight away.

This is irrespective of whether you have signed up for cheap breakdown cover, national recovery or breakdown cover for classic cars.