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Low-cost insurance for your driving school and driving instructors

Becoming a driving instructor can be a very satisfying career. Ensuring that the next generation of car drivers safely learn critical driving skills is something to be very proud of.

But, instructor insurance can be confusing, not to mention time-consuming, to search for. That’s where we can help! You’ll find the answers to all of your driving school insurance-related questions right here. To find out more, keep scrolling for some helpful information.

Why Do I Need Driving Instructor Insurance?

The Different Types of Driving Instructor Insurance Cover

Any driver cover

Driving instructor insurance policies must always have any driver cover, as this will allow you to teach licensed learner drivers, regardless of their driving experience or any other risk factors.

This type of cover will also allow examiners to drive if needed, as you won’t be able to give their details to your insurance company before your pupil takes the driving test.

Hire and reward cover

As an instructor, you’ll be providing lessons for payment, which will require hire and reward cover to be included in your policy. This is for driving lessons and tests which standard policies don’t cover.

What Additional Cover Can I Add to My Driving Instructor Insurance Policy?

Replacement dual control vehicle cover

Because you’ll be teaching completely inexperienced drivers, there’s a risk of damage to the vehicle. Because of this, dual control replacement vehicle cover is essential. This type of cover means you can continue working even if your car is in for repairs.

You’d be offered a replacement dual control vehicle in the event of an accident that wasn’t your fault – with some driving school insurance providers offering one even if you were at fault.

Negligent tuition cover

No matter how confident you are that your pupils will be completely safe in your instructor’s car, accidents can happen on the road. Having negligent tuition cover can ensure you are protected from claims made by your students who have been injured because of your negligence.

Driving off-road drivers aged 14+

Some driving instructors give learners driving lessons in off-road locations. This is usually because the pupil is too young to learn to go on the road or too nervous about driving on main roads. Either way, driving off-road cover is essential.

Modified vehicle cover

Driving instructors who have modified cars will need to inform their providers and add a suitable cover to their policies. This could be signwriting, extra mirrors, or dual controls.

Breakdown cover

As an instructor, the last thing you want is your car to break down. This is why a breakdown cover is an excellent idea. If the worst happens and you break down in the middle of a lesson, you’ll be able to get roadside assistance, and you can safely get you and your pupil home.

Public liability insurance

To protect your driving school business from potential claims from third parties, public liability insurance is essential. This can offer cover for negligence that damages property or injuries to other people.

Compare cheap driving instructor insurance quotes

How Much Does Driving Instructor Insurance Cost?

Your driving school insurance policy costs depend on various factors, just like standard car insurance. No one wants to pay a fortune for driving school insurance, but it’s also crucial to remember that the cheapest policy isn’t always the best.

It may be worth paying a bit extra for a more comprehensive policy as this could save time and money in the long term. For example, you could benefit from a courtesy car if yours needs repairs, allowing you to carry on working.

Factors that affect the cost of driving instructor insurance premiums

The type of vehicle

As with other types of motor insurance, the kind of car you have can affect the price of driving school insurance premiums. Things such as the engine type, size, and transmission can influence how much you pay for your policy.

Where you reside

Some areas have known high crime rates, increasing the cost of policies. If you live in such an area, you can expect to pay more for your policy.

If you are an ADI or a PDI

Your qualifications as an instructor will also influence the cost of your insurance policy. Approved driving instructors will typically pay less as they become more experienced.

As a PDI, you’ll be put on a six-month probation period, which will increase the cost of your policy. You’ll be seen as a higher risk than an approved driving instructor.

Your hours of work

Entirely often, driving instructors only work on a part-time basis, which insurance providers will factor in when deciding the cost of the policy.

The type of cover you need

More comprehensive policies with extra cover will usually be more expensive than more basic policies. However, it’s essential to consider whether those optional extras could save you time and money in the future.

How Can I Reduce the Cost of Driving Instructor Insurance?

Increase your excess

A quick and easy way of making your insurance policy more affordable is to increase your excess. If you need to make a claim, offering to pay more towards the car repairs means you’ll pay less for your policy.

Pay your premiums upfront

Making one annual rather than monthly payment can save you money on insurance because there won’t be any interest charges.

Improve vehicle security

Another way of reducing the cost of your policy is to improve the security and how you store your car. Simply parking your vehicle on the road will appear risky to the insurer. To improve this, fitting an immobiliser on your vehicle can help to prevent theft.

If you have access to a lockable garage or secure driveway, this can help improve the security, possibly lowering the cost of your policy.

Purchase a new car

It would help if you also considered investing in a new vehicle. Although it will involve a high upfront cost, there could be many benefits to doing so in the long run. Newer dual control cars are much more reliable and fuel-efficient than older models.

Compare quotes online

Perhaps the easiest and most effective way of lowering the cost of your insurance is to compare quotes online. Comparing several quotes means you’re more likely to find the best possible deal.

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Here at Utility Saving Expert, we’ve made it our aim and mission to help driving instructors find the best and most affordable insurance, allowing them to be safer on the road.

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Is Driving Instructor insurance a legal requirement in the UK?

Yes, all UK driving instructors are legally required to have insurance. However, you must have a specialised driving instructor policy rather than regular car insurance.

Is driving instructor car insurance expensive?

Yes, driving instructor cover is more expensive than standard motor insurance. But the exact amount you’ll pay depends on various factors such as the level of cover you choose and what type of car you have.

What’s the difference between driving instructor insurance and standard car insurance?

The main difference between standard and driving instructor cover is that standard insurance can’t provide the extras that instructors need, such as cover for tests and lesson use.