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If you’re planning to transport your horse or pony, having horsebox insurance is essential.

But what is horsebox insurance cover – and which type of policy will you need? Here at Utility Saving Expert, we’ve got you covered – so keep reading for more about horsebox cover and how it can protect you.

What Is Horsebox Insurance?

Why Do You Need Horsebox Insurance?

What Will Use Your Horsebox for?

Social, domestic and pleasure

This is if you’re transporting your horses for pleasure, such as to a fun ride or low-level competitions where you’re not profiting from any winnings you receive.

Business use

Business use applies to people who use their horseboxes as transportation for business. For example, transporting their horses to shows and competitions and making a profit from any winnings they receive.

Hire & Reward

Hire and reward is if you make a living out of transporting other people’s horses or you hire out your horsebox.

The 3 Main Types of Motorised Horsebox Insurance

Fully comprehensive

Fully comprehensive horsebox insurance can cover the repair or replacement costs caused by theft, fire damage or a road accident. Fully comprehensive horsebox cover also typically includes damage from vandalism and windscreen cover.

Third-party fire and theft

Third-party fire and theft will cover third-party claims if you cause damage to anyone else or their property. Your horsebox will also be covered for damage or loss caused by fire and theft too.

Third-party only

Third-party cover is the most basic horsebox insurance policy. Claims from third parties are covered, but you’ll need to pay for any replacement or repair costs yourself.

Additional Horsebox Insurance Cover Options

Cover for driving your horsebox abroad

If you want to take your horsebox overseas, your policy may not offer the same cover level as it does in the UK. You may also need a green card from your insurance company for your horsebox if you’re travelling to countries in North Africa, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East.

Breakdown cover

Some horsebox insurance companies can provide extra cover for breakdowns. Make sure you confirm this with your insurer though, as although breakdown protection may be offered, things such as tyre punctures may not be covered.

Compare cheap horsebox insurance quotes

Common Horsebox Insurance Exclusions

Weight range

Weight range

Some insurance companies have weight restrictions and will only insure horseboxes up to certain weight ranges. Be sure to double-check the policy before you commit to it.
Age of driver

Age of driver

There may also be age exclusions for horsebox insurance. For example, some companies won’t insure drivers under 21 years of age. You may be able to get young drivers insured but you’ll probably have to take out a more expensive premium.


The contents in your horsebox probably won’t be covered by your horsebox insurance policy. It also won’t cover your horse or pony so you’ll need to look at separate horse insurance.

How Much Does Horsebox Insurance Cost?

Horsebox insurance costs will be different for everyone. The main factor that determines the price of your policy is the actual horsebox. The size, age, and value of the vehicle all have a big impact on the cost of insurance.

Of course, the older and bigger your horsebox is, the more it will cost to insure. Below you’ll find some other factors that can influence the cost of your insurance.

Factors that affect the cost of horsebox insurance premiums

There can be many factors that affect the cost of horsebox insurance premiums for better or for worse. We’ve outlined several of them here:

The level of cover you choose

Fully comprehensive cover will usually be more expensive than a basic third-party policy. But, you’ll need to consider if you could afford the potential repairs or even the cost of replacing the horsebox if you only have a third party policy in place.

The value of the vehicle

Newer, more expensive horseboxes will be more costly to repair so you can expect the premium to cost more.

Previous claims

If you’ve built up a no claims bonus, you’ll be seen as less of a risk to your insurance company. But, if you’ve had to make previous claims, your policy may be more expensive.

Prior convictions

If you’ve had speeding fines or other convictions in the past, this may cause the price of your policy to increase, as your insurance provider will see you as a high-risk customer.

Type of use

It’s worth being very clear about how you intend to use your horsebox when talking to your insurance company. If you only use it to transport your horse, for domestic or pleasure use, make sure your insurer is aware of this.

Number of drivers

Adding other drivers to your policy can influence the cost, especially if you’re adding a young driver. However, having more drivers on your policy means that if you’re unable to drive for any reason, there’s someone who can get your horse home for you.

How Can I Reduce the Cost of My Horsebox insurance?

Reducing the cost of your horse box insurance is always ideal. So we’ve outlined some useful things you can do that will make your outgoings a little more digestible.

Park your horsebox in a secure place

Parking your horsebox in a secure overnight location will reduce the risk of theft, which in turn reduces the cost of your policy. This could be an off-road drive or a locked garage.

Increase security

A great way of protecting your valuable horsebox is to increase your security, such as adding a GPS tracker or using heavy-duty padlocks. Increased security measures can lower the risk of your horsebox being stolen, both at home and at competitions.

Limit the mileage you travel

If your horsebox isn’t used much, it may be worth considering a limited mileage insurance policy. Only travelling when you need to will help to keep costs down.

Pay your premiums upfront

Monthly insurance repayments are considered a loan, hence why interest rates are charged. Paying annually avoids these interest rates so you could save money in the long run by paying for your premium upfront.

Compare quotes online

One of the easiest and most effective ways of saving money on your insurance is to compare quotes. Our quick and easy-to-use online comparison tool will do the hard work for you and can help you find the best possible insurance deal.

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Date of experience: 06 December 2022
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2nd time I’ve used the site. There quite new as comparison sites go, but, what I really like is that not only do they save me plenty of £££, they also donate to fuel poverty charities to help those in need.

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Used to get insurance for delivering as an Uber Eats driver. Got a few quotes from brokers and ended up with a great deal.

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Good service, easy to use. Will use again as helped me save some money.

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The information on this page is for editorial purposes only and not intended as financial advice.

Do I need a special licence to get horsebox insurance?

This depends on how heavy your horsebox is and whether you’re using it for business or pleasure purposes.

Is horsebox insurance a legal requirement in the UK?

Yes, if you want to drive your horsebox on UK roads, you’ll be legally obligated to take out a suitable insurance policy.

Will my horsebox insurance policy allow others to drive my horsebox?

Many insurance companies will provide an option of adding other drivers to your policy. But keep in mind that this may increase the price.

Can I take my horsebox abroad?

This depends on each insurer as some companies won’t offer the same protection for you in overseas countries as they do in the UK.