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How to get an affordable Car Insurance policy

To get the right cover and the cheapest insurance policy, you will need the following information before you start a quote.

Personal Details

This is information about you. This includes things like your age, occupation, and details of your driver’s license.

Vehicle Information

The price will differ depending on the type of car you want to insure. You’ll need your number plate, make and model variant including details of any modifications you may have made to the vehicle.

Claim History

Details of any accidents you’ve had or claims you’ve made in the last five years. If you have a no claims bonus, include this information.

Additional drivers on your policy

Include details of any other named drivers that you would like to have on your policy. You will also need their claim history details as well as any no claims bonus they may have.

Types of policy

What type of car insurance are you looking for. You can select third party, third party fire & theft, and fully comprehensive insurance.

Voluntary excess

What level of voluntary excess do you feel comfortable with. Remember, the higher the selected voluntary excess, the less you will likely have to pay each month. However, should you have an accident, you’ll have to pay this higher excess.

Levels of insurance cover

Third party only

Third-party is the most basic level of cover available and is the minimum level required by law. If you have an accident, third party insurance insures against damage you’ve caused to someone else or their property including your passengers.

It will only cover other people (third parties) involved, including damage to other vehicles, injury to other people and animals and damage to property which is caused by you, the policyholder. It will not cover damage to your car or injuries to yourself.

Third-party, fire and theft

Third-party, fire and theft offers the same level of cover as third party, in that it covers any third party and their property in the event of an accident which you caused, but also, it includes cover for your own car if it is damaged by fire or stolen.

It will not pay out if you damage your own car in an accident that was your fault. And you would not be able to make a claim if you suffered an injury.

Comprehensive Cover

Comprehensive motor insurance offers you the most protection, insuring other people and their property, and you and your car in all circumstances including fire, theft, vandalism, accidental damage, windscreen damage and loss of personal effects.

With some fully comprehensive policies, you will also be insured to drive another car.

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Variations of Car Insurance policies

There are also variations to the above policies, these might include the following:

Multi-car insurance

Allows you to insure multiple cars at the same address

Temporary Cover

Provides you with short-term cover for up to 1 month

Learner Driver

Suitable cover for learner drivers – not to be confused with Driving Instructor Insurance.

Business Use

Cover for domestic and business use of your car.

NB: Business car insurance is also sometimes referred to as Motor Trade Insurance – an insurance specifically for those that work in the motor trade.

Classic Car

Cover for the owners of classic cars (if the car is older than 15 years)

Fleet vehicle cover

Cover for a fleet of vehicles also known as fleet insurance

Car Insurance: hints and tips

Below you’ll find some useful guides to help you make the right decision when purchasing motor insurance

Insurance groups made simple

Knowing which insurance group your car falls into will give you a pretty big indication on how much you should expect to pay for your car insurance. Essentially the lower your insurance group, the cheaper it will be to insure your vehicle. There are now 50 different insurance groups which categorised by the Group Rating Panel.

How Do I SORN My Vehicle?

If you are not using your car then you do not need to tax or insure it, so long as you declare it as SORN. SORN stands for Statutory Off-Road Notification.

In the past you could just park your car on private land or put it in your garage, this isn’t the case anymore due to new Continuous Insurance Enforcement regulations making it necessary to complete a SORN notification to avoid being fined.

New Driver Car Insurance

Passing your driving test can bring you a great deal of freedom however, for young and inexperienced drivers it can also bring eye-watering insurance premiums.

There are ways of reducing the cost of your first insurance policy such as having a black box fitted to your car, by your insurer, which measures how you are driving real-time, rewarding you with lower premiums if you are careful young driver.

No Claims Discount = Cheaper Car Insurance

One of the most effective ways of reducing the cost of your insurance is to accrue a No Claims Bonus or NCB. For every year you are claim-free you earn a year’s No Claims Bonus.

Some insurers allow you to accrue your NCB over 10 months rather than a year. Different insurers will offer you various levels of discount depending on how many years no claims you have.

How to save money on your Car Insurance

The best way to ensure you get cover that suits your individual needs is to compare the widest range of policies possible.

There are many variables that will affect how much you pay for cover, from the value of your car, to your age and even how many years no claims bonus you have accrued. It is for these reasons it’s important to compare as many insurers as possible to guarantee yourself a good deal.

Aside from just making sure you compare as many providers as possible, there are other options available to make sure you are getting a very cheap insurance deal for your car.

One such way is to agree to your insurance company installing a ‘black box’ into your car which measure how you are driving, rewarding you with lower premiums if you are driving safely.

Finally, you can consider the following to get great value car insurance:

  • Agree to paying a higher voluntary excess (this is the amount you pay in the event you need to make a claim.
  • Limit who drives your car to just yourself or just you and a named driver.
  • Keeping the distance, you travel each year in your car low. (travelling less than 8000 miles a year may reduce premiums)
  • Improving the security on your vehicle by adding or upgrading the alarm, immobiliser or fitting a tracker.
  • Pay annually rather than monthly, some insurers may offer you a discount if you pay in full rather than instalments.

Car Insurance: Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Finding the cheapest car insurance policy that meets all of your requirements isn’t always easy. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive related to car insurance

How do I get affordable car insurance?

There are a number of different ways you can reduce your premium. A few examples include reducing your mileage, increasing your voluntary excess, or using an online comparison site.

Do I get cheaper car insurance if I stay with the same company each year?

Not necessarily, especially in the long term. If you decide to stay with the same insurer each year and don’t compare different quotes, your renewal premium will increase over the years. Car Insurance companies can take advantage of this, so we recommend comparing quotes for low cost insurance.

Will I get more affordable car insurance if I pay monthly or annually?

Normally it will be cheaper if you pay annually. Check to see if there are any administration fees or interest being applied for paying monthly.

Will I still get affordable car insurance if I add an additional driver?

Similar to your own policy, this depends on the details of the additional driver(s). Insurers will look at a number of rating factors such as age, occupation, mileage, number of previous claims etc. to calculate the premium.

Can I get cheaper car insurance if I’m a woman?

Since 2012, the European Court of Justice’s gender ruling has meant that the gender of a person is no longer a rating factor when calculating a premium.

What type of car insurance policy should I select?

There are three main types of policies you can choose from. These are third party, third party fire and theft, and comprehensive. Each level of cover will have additional benefits, with comprehensive giving you the most out of the three.

What is a telematics insurance policy and does it help get cheaper insurance?

Telematics car insurance is also commonly referred to as black box insurance. Your insurer will require you to fit/install a small ‘black box’ in your car that will monitor your driving behaviour. Insurance providers will then use this information to calculate your premium. Young or inexperienced drivers may prefer this as an option to get more affordable insurance.

Is it possible to get affordable short-term car insurance?

Yes, many insurers will offer this type of cover for anywhere between 1 and 28 days. This is sometimes referred to as temporary car insurance. Remember to check any exclusions and restrictions that may apply. You will not be able to tax your car if it is only insured with a temporary policy.

Can I still get cheap car insurance if I have a driving conviction?

This depends on the nature of the driving conviction. You may find that your choice of providers becomes limited and you may have to pay a higher premium because of this. For further information check out our guide on buying car insurance with a motoring conviction may also be able to add social, domestic and pleasure use for all drivers as well but, this is something you would need to discuss with your chosen insurer.

How do I get a car insurance quote if I don’t know my previous claim details?

We realise that you may not have this information to hand. Check your previous policy documents or contact your current insurer and they will be able to provide you with the exact claim costs and dates. Some insurers will offer unaccompanied motor trade demonstration cover, commuting, social and domestic pleasure with the additional business use but, you would need to discuss this extra cover with your chosen insurer.

If I keep my car in a garage, will I get low cost insurance?

The overnight location of your vehicle is a rating factor that insurers use. Expect to see a reduction if you keep your car locked in your own garage. Again, you would need to discuss this with your chosen insurer after obtaining quotes from Utility Saving Expert.

If I improve my car security, will I get cheaper car insurance?

This can help reduce your premium only if the insurer recognises these security measures.

I drive a minicab, will a standard car insurance policy cover me?

No, if you are a Taxi Driver you will need specialist Taxi Insurance.

I deliver parcels in my own car, does my car insurance policy cover me?

No, if you are a self-employed delivery driver you will need Courier Insurance.

Useful Car Insurance guides

Here are a number of car insurance guides that you may find helpful:

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