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Travel insurance is a valuable cover that is important to have wherever you go. It protects you from a range of scenarios where your health and wellbeing might be at risk, as well as any bookings you make regarding your travel.

With COVID-19 still fairly present in the world, having travel insurance that helps cover any fallout from the pandemic is also essential. Travel is no doubt picking up now and there are plenty of people taking the plunge and spending time abroad.

In this guide, you’ll understand the importance of insurance, what travel insurance cover is available and what isn’t covered by travel insurance. Travel insurance can seem like a tricky thing to navigate which is why we at Utility Saving Expert are here to make the process as easy as possible for you.

Why Do I Need Travel Insurance?

What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

Travel insurance covers a range of events that may occur when it comes to your travel. No one wants to encounter any of these issues but we all know that they can happen. Here are some common features that are covered by your travel insurance policies.

Medical expenses

It’s a nightmare to get injured, especially when it happens abroad. A standard travel insurance policy will often cover emergency medical expenses which you’ll be grateful for when it comes to certain countries . . .


For any emergency medical treatment that would require you to return home, some travel insurance cover can include repatriation. Repatriation covers the cost of arranging the relevant travel back needed to get you home safely . . .

Cancellations and travel disruptions

There can often be unexpected cancellations and travel disruptions that come with any type of travel, whether it’s domestic or international. If you’re having to cancel your holiday for any reason that’s covered by the policy . . .

Luggage and personal belongings

There’s nothing quite as terrifying as going to baggage claims and finding your luggage hasn’t shown up. These personal belongings are valuable, especially when you’re going away to a country that might require certain holiday wear.

Personal liability and legal fees

There are occasions where an incident may occur and you’re personally liable for the damage. That can be something you’ll want coverage for this also. For example, if you injure someone or do damage to their possessions then you’ll be covered . . .

Compare cheap travel insurance quotes online

What Type of Travel Insurance Policy Do I Need?

There are a variety of types of policies that are all useful to know about. This will help provide ample coverage depending on the type of travel you’re doing, which takes into account any of your current health conditions or lack thereof.

Single trip

For single trips away where you may only have the luxury of just one holiday per year, this coverage will last up to a year. It’s the ideal choice for anyone who is looking for just one excursion away and this can be for any length of time, whether you’re going for a few days or a couple of weeks.

It’s one of the most common travel insurance policies to take out and is likely the most suited for those who don’t often travel and only need a one-off cover option.

Annual multi-trip

For those wishing to do a bit more holidaying this year – perhaps to make up for the pandemic and being stuck at home – then the annual multi-trip is the best option. This travel insurance covers you for a number of holidays over the space of a year.

There is typically a 30-day cap on the trip length but that makes it perfect for any regular traveller looking for coverage across many different destinations they have planned for the year ahead.

It’s another popular choice and will be beneficial to most who are looking to holiday more than once in different locations around the world, within the conditions of the policy cover.

Worldwide travel insurance

With worldwide travel insurance, there are typically two kinds available. The first includes America, Canada and the Caribbean and the other typically excludes these locations.

If you’re not travelling to any of the locations mentioned above, then there’s no point in paying any extra to have this insurance. However, if there’s a chance you may want to visit these locations during the year, then it might be worthwhile getting this coverage.

After all, these destinations do have medical care that’s expensive and so you don’t want to end up with a lack of travel insurance cover in the event you need medical cover.

Backpackers travel insurance

Backpackers travel insurance is a continuous travel policy that will cover you just like the annual multi-trip cover does. However, in this case, it will usually last around a year to 18 months depending on which provider you go with.

It’s a type of insurance cover that’s a must-have for any backpackers that are looking to travel and see the world, whether it’s the South of France, Italy, Spain or further afield.

If you’re intending to backpack anywhere this year, then it’s better to go for this option than anything of the other cover options available.

Cover for seniors

Unfortunately, just like with car insurance, travel insurance coverage for seniors can be expensive. The reason for this is often down to the medical conditions they have or the risk that they are naturally more likely to get injured on their holidays – or anywhere for that matter.

It’s harder to get good travel insurance as a senior but it’s not impossible to get affordable cover. By using our comparison tool when it comes to this type of cover, we will help you get the right one for you or the individual that needs it.

Pre-existing medical conditions

Pre-existing medical problems, as aforementioned, are likely to make your insurance more costly but there are add-ons that you can put onto your standard insurance to cover any medical conditions that you may have already.

You will, of course, need to let the insurer know of any medical conditions you have so that they include it as cover in your policy. If you were to travel without letting the insurance provider know about the condition, then if it gets worse while you’re away, they won’t be able to help with medical costs or more importantly, repatriation.

Cruise travel insurance

Cruise travel insurance is a little different from other modes of transport. There may be occasions where the ship misses the port stop you need to get off due to bad weather, or you’re confined to the cabin due to an illness.

Any of these scenarios are covered with cruise travel insurance and as common practice, you should opt for this travel insurance every time you book a cruise holiday. With cruises, you’re also going to be in a variety of countries that will require a more unique travel insurance policy.

Cover for families or groups

For emergency medical treatment that might be needed for any family member or person within your group, travel insurance for multiple people under one single policy might be handy. It’s easier than having to buy an individual policy for each person, unless that is, one person has a pre-existing condition that requires its own policy cover.

This type of policy is ideal for families, for example in the case that one person in your group tests positive for COVID-19 and everyone gets it.

What Additional Cover Can I Add to My Travel Insurance Policy?

There are additional covers that you can add to your insurance policy in order to ensure any activities you do or any scenarios that could cause issues, are covered completely. This additional cover can make it more expensive overall but it’s something that’s definitely worth having in scenarios where the worst might happen.

Winter sports cover

Winter sports can often be considered risky and as such, aren’t covered in your typical travel insurance policy. Winter sports cover from snowboarding to ice-skating and tobogganing, for example, are all important to add to your travel insurance.

Ski holidays cover

Similar to other winter sports, skiing is another high-risk activity and one that could cause injury if you’re not careful. With some ski holidays, not everyone is used to skiing or may be skiing for the first time.

Extreme sports cover

There are some extreme sports where the cover needs to be added on top of whatever sport cover you already have. These sorts of extreme sports are most prone to warrant a medical treatment of some description.

Passport cover

Passport cover is an important one especially as it’s such a crucial document that gets you in and out of the country with ease. This cover is ideal for anyone who has experienced a lost passport before or if you’re prone to have things go missing fairly easily.

Gadget cover 

Many of us are lost without our gadgets, whether that be a work laptop or mobile phone. If you’re going away for either business or pleasure, then gadget cover can be essential, especially in the case where you have some expensive kit that you’re taking along with you.

Golf cover

Golf cover is not one that many would think of but the cost of replacing clubs and equipment is significant. Beyond the costs, there is also the potential for accidents involving a golf buggy that might not be covered in your standard insurance.

Travel disruption cover

Travel disruptions are not enjoyable, especially when they’re not your fault. However, there are scenarios where events happen in your own life that disrupt your ability to travel.

Compare cheap travel insurance quotes online

Can I Get Travel Insurance with COVID-19 Cover?

How Much Does Travel Insurance Cost?

How to Choose the Right Travel Insurance Cover

Why Compare Travel Insurance Quotes with Utility Saving Expert?

There are plenty of providers that will happily provide you with travel insurance quotes, but we recommend using our comparison tool to find the best deal for you. When you’re looking at multiple websites, it can make it a challenge to find the cheapest or most appropriate cover, so why not do it all from one site instead?

Utility Saving Expert is a great tool to use when it comes to comparing travel insurance quotes. Fill in the various requirements you need from the travel insurance policy and then pick according to the results shown.

Whether you need extra medical treatment cover or coverage for all areas of the world, Utility Saving Expert is a great option.

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Can I get travel insurance if I’m pregnant?

If you’re pregnant, then you can buy travel insurance in exactly the same way as if you weren’t pregnant. It’s not seen as a medical condition that needs extra coverage, and with most insurance providers, they won’t need to know that you’re pregnant.

Of course, when it comes to travel, you should be aware that there becomes a risk to the baby if you’re travelling via plane. Most domestic flights will allow you to travel until you’re around 36 weeks pregnant. However, it’s always best to check with your doctor before going.

When is the right time to take out a travel insurance policy?

Your insurance policy doesn’t start when you step off the plane and into another country, it starts as soon as you’ve booked your trip. It means you’re protected, should anything happen in the meantime before you are due to fly.

As soon as you book your trip, buy your travel insurance. It’s worth doing some research prior so you know exactly the type of coverage you require.

What does excess mean in travel insurance?

When it comes to excess, it’s the amount payable by you, in the event that a claim is to be made. It’s how much you’ll be paying in order to make the claim itself. It’s also called a ‘deductible’ in some cases but it means the same thing.

Travel insurance excess is typically applied on a per-person basis, even if you’re both travelling on the same policy. It’s worth looking at what the excess is on each travel insurance policy. There will be some that have a hefty excess fee and others that won’t have an excess fee at all.

Should I get travel insurance for domestic trips?

Although you might not need travel insurance for domestic trips where your health is concerned as that will, fortunately, be covered by the NHS, you may want it in the event that the mode of transport you rely on gets cancelled or delayed for some reason.

Having this extra insurance policy in place can be useful to help reimburse you should that cancellation or delay cause issues to the rest of your travel arrangements.

Travel insurance is a necessity and is not something you should risk by skipping on when travelling. Whether it’s domestic or international, there’s nothing like having peace of mind when you’re travelling, and selecting the right policy for your trip will mean it’s one less thing to worry about!