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Low cost convicted driver car insurance quotes

If you’ve received a driving conviction or any other type of conviction, it means that your insurance premiums will be unavoidably increasing, and it may be more difficult to find an insurer who is willing to give you cover.

However, there are still ways to find cheaper convicted driver car insurance, and there are many insurers who will still be willing to provide you with coverage.

At Utility Saving Expert, we’ve compiled this guide to give you the information and advice you need to find the best and most affordable options available.

What Is convicted driver insurance?

If you have an unspent conviction for a driving offence or anything else, it will be more difficult to find car insurance companies willing to insure you, and your insurance premiums will be more expensive than a driver with no convictions.

However, there are still plenty of insurance companies that will be happy to give you an insurance policy, and there are even insurers who specialise in providing convicted driver car insurance.

These policies are specifically designed for convicted drivers, and although they will be more expensive than standard policies, they usually give you the same amount of coverage.

Do I need convicted driver insurance?

Any driver that has a driving conviction or a criminal conviction will need to arrange for a convicted driver car insurance policy. If you already have an insurance policy but have received a conviction, then your premium will increase, and your insurer may look to cancel the policy.

For drivers who have been convicted of drink driving, the policies available to them will have very high premiums and will usually also have much higher excesses than usual. This is because insurance providers consider this to be very serious and see convicted drink drivers as a bigger risk.

If you’ve received a driving ban for accumulating 12 or more points on your licence, then you’ll need to apply for convicted driver car insurance once you’ve served your ban.

Any penalty points that you receive will usually increase the cost of your insurance, so you should compare convicted driver insurance quotes from various insurance providers to see if you can find a more affordable option elsewhere.

What levels of convicted driver insurance can you get?

Generally speaking there are three main levels of cover:


Comprehensive insurance for convicted drivers gives you coverage for damages and injuries that are caused to a third-party, as well as any damage to your own car and any injuries that you or your passengers sustain. It also covers you for fire damage and theft of your car.

Third-party, fire and theft (TPFT)

Third-party, fire and theft insurance for convicted drivers covers you for damage to a third-party vehicle and driver, as well as theft and fire damage to your own car.

Third-party only

Third-party only insurance for convicted drivers is the best option for those looking for cheaper car insurance, but the coverage it provides is very limited. It doesn’t cover you for any damages to your own car, but it does mean that you’re covered for damages to a third-party.

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What does convicted driver insurance cover?

What does convicted driver insurance not cover?

Additional coverage for convicted driver insurance

Similarly to a standard policy, when you take out a convicted driver insurance policy, the insurer will most likely offer to add additional coverage to it if you agree to pay higher insurance premiums. This will include many different options, such as:

Personal accident cover

This means that your insurance company will pay out if you’re killed or injured as the result of an accident.

Breakdown cover

Adding this option means that you’re covered if your car breaks down and you require roadside assistance.

International driver insurance

This will give you coverage if you want to take your car overseas to drive in the EU and other countries. Some countries may not allow a convicted driver to drive on their roads, so you need to check this before travelling abroad.

Windscreen cover

Having windscreen cover included in your convicted driver insurance policy means that you’re covered for the costs of repair or replacement if your windscreen is shattered or cracked.

Courtesy car cover

This covers the costs of hiring a replacement vehicle whilst your own car is being repaired, and you can usually keep the hire car for as long as it takes for your own car to be ready to use.

How much does convicted driver insurance cost?

Compare car insurance quotes and you could save up to £319*

How to reduce the cost of your convicted driver insurance?

Although it’s guaranteed that your car insurance will be more expensive if you have any criminal or motoring convictions, there are still certain ways that you can look to reduce the costs.

Do less mileage

Reducing your mileage by as much as possible should help to lower the costs of your insurance policy. Doing fewer miles means you’re less likely to have an accident which means insurance providers will consider you to be less of a risk.

Black box policies

Agreeing to have a black box installed in your car is a good way to lower your insurance costs, as your insurer can monitor your driving using telematics. If you can demonstrate to them that you’re a safe and careful driver, your premiums should be reduced.

Higher voluntary excesses

The excess for a convicted driver will already be higher than usual, but you can also volunteer to pay an even higher excess to reduce your premiums. However, you will need to make sure you can afford to pay this excess if you are involved in an accident.

Lower car insurance groups

If the car you drive is in a low insurance group, it means that it’s considered to be safer than cars in higher groups, and insurance providers will charge you less to insure it.

Compare car insurance quotes

One of the best ways to find cheap car insurance is to compare multiple quotes from different insurers so that you can find the most affordable option.

Compare convicted driver car insurance with Utility Saving Expert

Even though having convictions means that the costs of your insurance will be increasing, you can still search for the cheapest options by using Utility Saving Expert’s free online comparison service. This tool allows you to compare all of the different options and find the best cheap convicted driver insurance quote for you.

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*51% of consumers could save £319.03 on their Car Insurance. The saving was calculated by comparing the cheapest price found with the average of the next five cheapest prices quoted by insurance providers on Seopa Ltd’s insurance comparison website. This is based on representative cost savings from March 2022 data. The savings you could achieve are dependent on your individual circumstances and how you selected your current insurance supplier.

Do I have to declare spent convictions when taking out an insurance policy?

You only have to declare unspent convictions to an insurance company when taking out an insurance policy. If you have any spent convictions, you do not need to declare them.

What would happen if I didn’t declare my convictions when taking out an insurance policy?

If you fail to declare any unspent convictions to an insurance company when taking out a policy, it means that your policy would most likely become invalid. This means that you wouldn’t be covered if you had any accidents, and the insurer would refuse to pay out for a claim.

Will my no-claims discount make my convicted driver insurance premiums cheaper?

If you have a no-claims discount, this will most likely reduce the costs of your insurance, but your premiums will still be higher than they would be if you had both no claims and no convictions.

What is the most frequent type of motoring conviction in the UK?

In the UK, the most common type of motoring conviction is a penalty for speeding. Drivers who are caught speeding are sometimes offered the chance to go on a speed awareness course rather than receiving any points, which means their insurance costs won’t go up.