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Bouncy castles can be lots of fun. We associate them with kid’s parties and fun days out in the sun with our friends and families.

Sadly, there is also a dark side to bouncy castles – to both the owners of the rental companies as well as the people enjoying them for the day. That is because injuries can happen, with a reported 10,000 bouncy castle injuries occurring in the UK annually.

Whether you are the owner of a bouncy castle business or planning an event where there will be a bouncy castle, you should consider bouncy castle insurance.

With a good insurance policy, you can rest assured that you will be covered should any injuries or accidents occur.

This guide will look at which insurance you should consider and how to protect your bouncy castle business.

Who should consider bouncy castle insurance?

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What insurance would I need for a bouncy castle business?

Bouncy castle and inflatables business owners are not yet required by law to have an insurance policy in place. However, there are certainly some coverages that you will require to protect yourself and your business from accidental damage and injuries.

Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance is crucial for bouncy castle companies as the biggest risk to your company is an accidental injury to a member of the public.

Bouncy castles can get punctured and collapse, or get blown over in strong winds, which could result in moderate to severe injuries to those playing on them. Even if there is nothing wrong with the bouncy castle, people can still get injured when playing or jumping too roughly and falling down, accidentally hurting themselves.

Employers Liability Insurance

Employer’s liability insurance is a legal requirement if you have any employees working for your company. This includes part-time employees.

This insurance will cover any legal fees or claims against you if an employee becomes injured or suffers any damages due to the work they do for your company.

Equipment Cover

Before starting to rent out bouncy castles, you will want to make sure you have your equipment covered. Considering how expensive inflatables and bouncy castles are to purchase, you want to make sure that your equipment is covered from breakages or theft.

Without your inflatables, you cannot run your business, so this type of cover will ensure that you have the means to replace your equipment before suffering a financial loss from not being able to operate.

Other insurance considerations

Owners of bouncy castle businesses should also consider the following cover types:

What insurance would I need for organising an event with a bouncy castle?

Even if you do not own a bouncy castle, and you are simply organising an event where a bouncy castle or another inflatable will be present, you should still consider getting insurance to protect you should an accident occur.

Public Liability Insurance

When you are organising an event where there will be a bouncy castle, you should consider getting public liability cover.

Even if the company you are renting the inflatable from has got this type of insurance, third parties can still hold you, the event planner, liable for any damages or injury.

Personal Liability Insurance

Consider taking out personal liability cover if you are organising an event at your own home and will have guests over to enjoy the bouncy house you hired for the day.

How can you protect your bouncy castle company?

There are several steps that bouncy castle business owners can take to ensure their business is protected from financial loss due to claims, theft, damages or injuries to third parties.

Event Cancellation Insurance

This is a very specific type of insurance but will be of great help to bouncy castle business owners.

Bouncy castles and other inflatables are often hired for large events – in fact, events are the main income stream for these types of businesses. Unfortunately, unforeseeable events can often lead to events being cancelled, and this means a business owner will miss out on some much-needed income.

By having event cancellation insurance, you will be covered when an event gets cancelled, and you have lost money due to expenses already paid or a loss of income.

Business Interruption Insurance

With many people looking for bouncy houses in summer, this is the busiest time for inflatable businesses. But, what would happen to such a business if their equipment is damaged and cannot be used? Or if key staff members are sick or injured and cannot help to run the business?

In such a case, business interruption insurance can help to cover any expenses until the business is able to run again.

Business insurance or equipment cover that covers theft

Unfortunately, theft is a part of life, and even large bouncy castles can go missing without a trace – from your company’s premises or from the premises of a client.

Having insurance to cover the replacement cost of new equipment should you experience theft is key and will prevent you from having to replace your inflatables out of pocket.

Business insurance or equipment cover that covers damages

Damage to a bouncy house can be either malicious (such as a child stabbing it with a sharp object) or an accident (such as a belt button damaging the equipment, causing it to deflate).

In such instances, you will want to have an insurance policy that covers damages to your equipment to either repair it or have it replaced. The replacement inflatable will be in the condition or age as the one that is no longer working.

You will have the option of new-for-old cover but will have to address this with your insurance company.

Use an insurer that knows the industry

There are not a lot of insurers who offer bouncy castle insurance because of the risks associated and the high chance of injury and damage.

The best way to protect your bouncy castle business is to work with an insurance provider that has previous experience in this industry. Experts will also explain to you which kinds of cover would be best for your business.

Shop around for the best insurance company

It is important that you compare bouncy castle insurance quotes to make sure you get the best deal possible for your company. At Utility Saving Expert, we can help you find the perfect insurance quotes to suit your needs.

Although it is not a legal obligation in the UK to have public liability insurance for your bouncy castle business, it is probably a good idea as it can protect you from any compensation claims and legal fees should accidental damage or injury occur due to your bouncy castles.

Do all bouncy castles and inflatables require insurance?

Although it is not a legal requirement, getting bouncy castle insurance is a great idea if you are hiring out your inflatables to the public, as it will protect you financially in the case of an accident or injury to a third party.

How much will bouncy castle insurance cost?

The cost of bouncy castle insurance will depend on the insurance company you use, the size of your company, how many inflatables you have, and the condition of your equipment. It can cost as little as a few hundred to thousands of pounds each year.

Do I need public liability insurance for my bouncy castle business?

Public liability insurance is not a legal obligation for bouncy house businesses, but it will be a good idea as the risk of injury to your clients using the bouncy house is relatively high.