A need-to-know guide to car insurance groups

Insurance Groups

The group your car falls into will play a big part in determining how much you pay for your cover. Do you know what insurance group your car is in?

When it comes to insuring or renewing your car insurance, the car insurance group your car falls in has a direct impact on how your premium is calculated. Essentially the lower the group, the cheaper your car insurance cover is likely to be.

Damage parts cost

This is a consideration of the extent of damage a particular car may incur, and the cost of the parts involved in its repair.

Essentially the cheaper it is to replace or repair the cars parts, the lower the group the car is likely to be allocated to.

Availability of body shell

The group a vehicle is allocated to can also be affected the availability of body shells in addition to parts, as they may well be required by the motor trade when repairing damage to a car.

Repair time estimates

This is basically the cost of the motor trade labour costs – the longer it is going to take a specialist trader to repair the vehicle, the more it will cost – which will usually mean the car being placed into a higher insurance group.

Such factors as ensuring the right paint finish on more modern cars will be of course taken into due consideration.

The cost to replace

The cost of new vehicles is generally seen as an indication of the cost replacing or repairing a car, and therefore this is also considered when deciding which insurance group, a car fits into.

High performance and super cars

How can I find my car’s insurance group?

If you register on the Thatcham Website you will be able to find out what group your car falls into.

However, it is worth remembering that different insurers will group cars slightly differently but, it should still be a fairly accurate indication of how risky an insurance company sees your car to be to insure.