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Business Energy Multisite Meters

Having a larger number of meters will result in having extra contracts that must be renewed and renegotiated every few years. This can be time consuming for business managers and owners and you may end up paying more for your energy.

Advantages of multi-site meters

Improved management over multiple sites – You can better manage your energy usage with a multi-site meter, regardless of how many locations you have. You will have one renewal date and you are less likely to be moved over to an expensive rollover tariff.

Improved management for large single sites – A multi-site meter will cover all of your business premises. You will no longer need multiple meters to cover larger locations.

The possibility of big discounts – Companies can leverage greater buying power through the use of a multi-site meter. This gives you access to energy prices on the wholesale market.

In essence, a multi-site meter works just like any other meter. The key difference is that you will be tracking usage across all of your buildings simultaneously.

Does my business need multi-site metering?

How to switch to a multi-site energy contract

It can be time consuming comparing one business quote after the next and liaising with each supplier, this is where Utility Saving Expert provides the perfect solution. We can compare multi-site energy contracts across the industry and help you find the best tariff that is right for your business.

To get started, use our online comparison tool or give us a call today. It will be useful to have the following information to hand before searching for a multi-site energy contract:

  • Your most recent energy bill
  • Business registration information including address
  • Your MPAN and MPRN numbers from your bill or meter
  • The end date of your current contract
  • The date your switching window opens

Hopefully by now you have got a better understanding on how multi-site meters work, as well as the various ways your business can benefit from this smart technology. If you have more than one premises and you’re looking to cut costs, it’s definitely a good idea to explore how multi-site energy meters can help you better manage gas and electricity usage, bills and contract renewal dates. You will be able to focus your efforts on running your business and spend less time on administrative tasks.