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A courier service that aims to transport goods within cities, fast, Stuart connects businesses, customers and couriers, and this often involves inner city restaurants that require fast food delivery.

Stuart delivery drivers and riders can benefit from competitive earnings with guaranteed hourly rates, perks and rewards, and flexible hours offering the chance to work when it suits them.

It’s possible for couriers to make deliveries seven days a week and work at all times during the day on behalf of Stuart, but they’ll need to take out specialist food delivery driver insurance to do so. This is a legal requirement, but it’s also important because delivery driving brings additional hazards and risks.

With drivers on the road for long periods of time, often at night and perhaps when they are tired, and regularly in very busy and high-traffic areas, there are many hazards to deal with and the chances of being involved in a road accident are higher.

Stuart delivery driver insurance gives you the peace of mind that you’ll be covered if something goes wrong while you are driving for work.

The insurance you need

Specialist fast food delivery

As flexibility is written into the blueprint of Stuart fast food delivery work, the company encourages its drivers and riders to look for equally flexible pay-as-you-go insurance options.

Policies that are tailored to delivery drivers in this way will cover you for the hours you work, which conveniently keeps prices lower than if you were covered full time.

However, this is not the only option. There are a range of other types of specialist food delivery insurance that you can consider, depending on your needs.

Food delivery bike insurance

You can take out special insurance if you’ll be delivering takeaway food on mopeds, scooters or motorbikes. This will cater to your needs as a rider, taking into account the specific hazards and risks involved. Often, insurance providers will include options for fleets of bikes as well as for individual riders.

Unlimited mileage policies

Delivery drivers and riders working for Stuart have the potential to clock up lots of hours on the roads. Some insurance firms will be wary of this, because the likelihood of accidents increases with time spent behind the wheel, and combining this with tiredness can be dangerous. However, if you are confident that you’ll be driving safely and responsibly, some insurers will allow you to take out unlimited mileage policies. These permit you to continue working and driving without mileage limitations.

Fleet insurance cover

Some businesses own fleets of vehicles that they use for courier services. Whether these are fleets of scooters or fleets of trucks, it can be good value for money if you take out an insurance deal for the entire fleet rather than for individual vehicles. This will cover all of your employees to drive your vehicles for food deliveries.

Combined bike cover for work and pleasure

Some policies will offer you the chance to cover your moped, scooter or motorbike for your job delivering food as well as when you are off shift and want to ride for other purposes. Having this wrapped up in a single policy can be convenient and may also be a cost-effective way to get insured.

Short term insurance cover

It’s not unusual for food delivery work to be a temporary solution while riders or drivers are in between other jobs, to save some extra money or for other circumstances. To cater to people with temporary food courier insurance needs, some insurance companies will offer short-term policies. For example, a three-month option in addition to their standard 12-month offering, or a pay-as-you-go option for optimum flexibility.

Compare Stuart Delivery driver Insurance from top UK insurers

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Why food courier insurance is more expensive than domestic car insurance

Compare Stuart Delivery driver Insurance from top UK insurers

How to reduce the cost of fast food delivery insurance

Just like with your personal car insurance, there are some simple but effective ways you can reduce your food delivery driver insurance:

  1. After your shift, park in an area that is safe and secure, ideally off the road in a garage or on your driveway. You may also find that if your area has a lower crime rate, this can help you find cheaper quotes.
  2. Use a delivery vehicle that is categorised as lower risk, taking into account the engine size, safety measures and how exposed you are when you drive it. For example, a motorbike is often seen as a higher risk vehicle.
  3. Consider installing additional security so that your vehicle is less likely to be targeted by criminals, including simple measures such as alarm systems.
  4. Drive safely, adhere to the rules of the road to avoid getting points on your license and try to build up a no-claims bonus.
  5. Use a telematics device, sometimes called a black box, to demonstrate to your insurance provider that you are a safe driver that will be unlikely to have a crash or make a claim.
  6. Volunteer to pay a higher voluntary excess if you were to make a claim and your premiums will typically be lower in return.
  7. Use to compare and switch to insurance deals that offer the best value for money.

Why you need food delivery insurance

Taking out food courier insurance is not optional. If you plan to drive your car, moped or motorbike to deliver food, you’ll need a specialist insurance in place, by law.

It’s important to take out the right kind of insurance. If you have the wrong coverage and are involved in a road traffic accident, your insurer won’t pay out. Not only does void insurance present a significant financial challenge, but it can also affect whether you can continue doing your job.

If you are found to be driving without insurance, you could face penalties including having your license removed. This would affect most people’s lives, but the consequences would be especially difficult for working drivers who rely on their courier work for their livelihood.

In the unfortunate event that a third party sustained injuries because of an accident you caused, you could be liable to pay for compensation if you were driving without the correct insurance in place.

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