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11 Top Tips for Better Business Energy Quotes

All businesses want to find new ways to reduce their everyday expenses. Therefore, managers know that obtaining the best price for their commercial gas and electricity rates will be priority number one.

Set a reminder for when your contract is due to end

Through an agreed contract between you and the supplier, all business energy tariffs will have an end date. Typically, you can expect most contracts to be between three and five years in length. Therefore, entering this date into the company calendar will allow you to terminate the contract when applicable. This nets you a big positive as you will avoid being moved over to a rollover contract.

A rollover or deemed rate contract will often be a supplier’s most expensive tariff, and prices may increase by up to 85%, a good enough reason to avoid these as soon as possible.

Check market prices on a regular basis

It’s highly recommended that you obtain quotes from the Big Six suppliers on a regular basis. This will help you quickly identify whether you’re paying too much for your business gas and electricity, or if you are already on a competitive tariff. Even if you’re not able to make the switch as you’re locked into an existing contract, it is still worth knowing how the price of energy differs from one year to the next.

Take advantage of referral schemes

In the business world, you’re bound to have a number of friends and/or colleagues that are also looking for cheaper commercial energy quotes. Speaking to them can help you get an insight into the different pricing structures, although these will still be determined by the size and type of each business so a direct comparison may not always be possible.

Furthermore, if you opt for a supplier that your friend/colleague also uses, you may both receive a discount for the referral. Just make sure you check that the supplier has a referral scheme in place beforehand. This will also allow you to get a discount for referring new customers to a company that you know is both reliable and trustworthy.

Get in touch with your current supplier

Group purchasing power

If you are located within a town/city that has a large number of businesses around you, you should consider contacting suppliers as a collective to see whether they are able to offer you a greater discount. This could be a win-win situation for all parties.

You and every other local business gets cheaper gas and electricity and the supplier suddenly has a number of new customer contracts. There are brokers who leverage the purchasing power of a group to negotiate cheaper rates for their clients. You could certainly be a part of this. Just make sure that the negotiated offer is cheaper than what you’re able to find elsewhere.

To sum up, we hope you’re able to combine as many of these top tips as possible to get better business energy quotes and save money on your gas and electricity bills.

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