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Who are Freeway Insurance?

For over two decades, Freeway Taxi Insurance has been a key player in the taxi and private hire insurance industry in the UK. Providing comprehensive cover, which includes public liability insurance and legal expenses, and importantly hire and reward insurance, they cater to a broad spectrum of needs, including unique services for Uber drivers.

Known for their high renewal rates in the taxi insurance sector, Freeway is dedicated to innovation, continuously improving their systems with technology investments. With a heritage spanning various brand names, their commitment to outstanding customer service remains unchanged, living up to their ethos of being ‘heroes to our customers’.

What insurance policies does Freeway Insurance offer?

Are there any optional extras I can add to my freeway taxi insurance?

Does Freeway offer fleet taxi insurance?

Freeway Insurance does not offer fleet taxi insurance. This type of insurance, designed for managing multiple taxis under one policy, is not currently listed among their services.

For taxi operators or companies looking for fleet insurance, it’s advisable to consider other insurance providers who specialise in fleet cover. It’s also important to regularly check with Freeway Insurance for any updates or new offerings in their insurance products, as insurance services can often expand to include new options.

Where is Freeway Insurance located?

How do I contact Freeway for taxi and private hire insurance enquiries?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What types of vehicles does Freeway Insurance cover?

Freeway Insurance provides insurance policies for a variety of vehicles, specifically catering to the taxi and private hire sector. Their cover includes policies for taxis, both public and private hire vehicles, executive taxis (which cover chauffeurs and executive cars), and minibuses.

They are also equipped to insure Uber drivers and offer specialised products such as Uber Instadoc taxi insurance. This range ensures that professional drivers in the UK, regardless of the type of vehicle they operate, can find suitable insurance cover that meets their specific needs and requirements for passenger transport services.

Is Freeway Insurance available for new drivers or those with a poor driving record?

Yes, Freeway Insurance offers insurance solutions for both new drivers and those with a less-than-perfect driving record. Understanding that every driver has different needs, Freeway provides policies that cater to a diverse range of driving histories, including new drivers who might not have extensive driving experience and individuals with past driving infractions or claims. Their approach is to offer comprehensive insurance options that accommodate various risk profiles, ensuring that drivers with different backgrounds can access the necessary insurance cover for their vehicles.

Can I manage my Freeway Insurance policy online?

Yes, you can manage your Freeway Insurance policy online. Freeway Insurance embraces a digital-first approach, providing an online platform where policyholders can easily manage their insurance policies. This includes tasks such as viewing policy details, updating personal information, renewing policies, and filing claims. The online system is designed for convenience, allowing customers to access their insurance information and manage their policies at any time and from anywhere. This digital service is particularly beneficial for those who prefer quick and easy online transactions over traditional methods.