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British Gas Customers Now Eligible for Five Days of Free Electricity

British Gas, the biggest supplier of gas and electricity in the UK, with more than 15 million customers is offering a select number of customers free electricity for five days.

Any customer who is part of the company’s loyalty scheme, available to all, is eligible for the offer. The scheme was launched back in 2017, and offers customers of the ‘Big Six’ energy supplier a number of discounts on restaurants and activities. There is also the opportunity for customers to enter prize draws to win holidays and live entertainment event tickets. Depending on how long a consumer has been a part of the loyalty scheme, he/she can receive up to 20 days of free energy each year.

As the coronavirus pandemic forces the country into lockdown, more and more people are spending extended time in the home. Five days of free electricity is on offer as a result of the extra energy usage. However, it is worth noting that customers will be unable to select which five days will include free power. Fortunately, a measure is in place where the leading energy provider will take an average daily price for your monthly energy consumption and deduct this amount from your next bill. Unfortunately, business electricity customers are ineligible for the offer.

The value that these free days will provide will depend on an individual’s average usage and current tariff prices. In real terms, the average monthly electric bill costs nearly £57 according to government figures from 2019. This would result in eligible customers saving around £9 from this offer. As energy bills rise by an average of £32 per month during the lockdown, any discount will be welcome given the unprecedented situation we are currently in.

To claim the offer, a customer would need to register for British Gas Rewards. This can be achieved through the company’s website, or by using the online account tool. Once you have registered, you will need to select the offer from the available promotions and claim the five free energy days. You’ll need to be quick as the offer is due to expire on May 25.

Anyone whose electricity bill has risen due to working from home will still have to manage this additional expense for the time being. Those who are struggling financially should contact British Gas’ customer support team as soon as possible.

Although lockdown restrictions have slowly been eased in some parts of the country, workers are still being advised to work from home where possible. The guidance will help to slow down the rate of infection, and allow us to get back to ‘normal’ as soon as practically possible.

Some industries whose employees are unable to work from home are now able to return to work where possible. The following sectors are now allowed to open: construction, manufacturing, logistics, food production, distribution and scientific research in laboratories. Those in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are still being advised to stay at home, unless they are a key worker. This message is likely to change shortly as the economy gradually reopens. Social distancing measures are still applicable regardless.

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