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Compulsory MOTs Will Be Reintroduced From August As Lockdown Eases

The government has stated that compulsory MOT testing for vehicles in England, Scotland and Wales will be reintroduced from 1st August.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, motorists have been allowed to delay the MOT examination for six months, however, road safety still remains a top concern.

Roads Minister Baroness Vere said MOTs are essential as lockdown restrictions are gradually lifted and more and more people get back on the roads. “Garages across the country are open and I urge drivers who are due for their MOT to book a test.”

It’s important to note that If you don’t have an MOT then your car insurance will not cover you in an accident. This means you’ll need to pay for any repairs to your car yourself and cover the costs of any other drivers involved if you are at fault. Additionally, if your insurance is invalid, you could also receive a fine and points on your licence.

Under normal circumstances, vehicles are required to have an MOT from the third year of their registration. After a vehicle is three years old, the test must then be carried out annually. Mechanics will check different parts of the vehicle to ensure it still meets road safety standards.

Owners of cars, vans and motorbikes have been allowed to have a six-month exemption since late March, drivers in Northern Ireland have been given 12 months. Nevertheless, this policy has caused anxiety amongst some drivers, as one in three vehicles typically fails the MOT test.

British retailer Halfords conducted a survey which found that more than four in 10 motorists were concerned about the condition of other vehicles on the road. Rather surprisingly, only 2% felt that there may be an issue with their own car, van or motorcycle.

Edmund King, AA president, said: “It makes sense to reintroduce MOT testing from 1 August now that Covid-19 restrictions are being lifted and all garages and dealerships are open. Car traffic is on the increase already and will grow as more drivers return to the road with the reopening of hospitality and travel with their families for staycation holidays.”

The government has said that vehicle owners that have an MOT due date before August 1st will still receive a six-month exemption.

Even so, drivers are urged to make sure their cars are roadworthy and maintained to a high standard. These measures will help keep them and the wider public safe when travelling. Northern Ireland motorists have been given a 12-month exemption from the test, so they have an extension compared to the rest of the UK.

Please remember that drivers will still be prosecuted for driving an unsafe vehicle. They will need to ensure their vehicle is kept in a roadworthy condition.

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