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How Much Do Uber Drivers Make In The UK?

Uber’s growth, much like many ride-hailing apps, owes largely to the flexible working patterns it affords to both its customers and drivers.

Uber drivers have the advantage of deciding when and how they work. Whether it is a supplementary income source or a primary job, deciding how many hours to dedicate is entirely yours.

Yet, given such flexibility, what might you potentially earn as an Uber driver?

In the UK, Uber drivers reportedly pocket an average of £7.88 per ride. If we consider two rides per hour, that results in an hourly rate of £15.76. Therefore, driving for 30 hours a week could equate to earnings of around £472.

how much do uber drivers make in the UK

How much do Uber drivers typically make?

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What do London Uber drivers make?

London Uber drivers can make anywhere between £250 and £800 a week, contingent on the hours worked. If operating in central London, Uber drivers may have to consider congestion charges, potentially up to £15 a day.

Frequently driving in central congestion zones could lead to additional yearly costs of over £2,000!

Does Uber’s rate vary nationwide?

How many hours do Uber drivers work weekly?

Do Uber drivers receive tips?

Uber drivers receive and keep all their tips. Considering the average customer tips 10-20% of the ride cost, tips can significantly boost your earnings.

Uber customers can rate drivers and add a tip after each ride through the app.

Do Uber drivers receive holiday pay?

Does Uber cover petrol costs?

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How can I increase my earnings as an Uber driver?

Use faster and more efficient routes to maximise earnings, steering clear of congested areas where possible.

Not only does this benefit you and your customers, but it also lowers your emissions and fuel expenditure.

Here are some tips to earn more as an Uber driver:

Drive during peak times

When demand is high, prices increase, which Uber refers to as surge pricing. This could be during rush hours in city centres or near sports venues during major events. Choose your timings wisely and you could earn more.

Switch to an electric vehicle to save money

Switching to an electric vehicle can save money on fuel and emission charges. You can also earn more per hour through Uber Green and special EV promotions.

Consider working for multiple companies

While Uber is a significant player in the ride-sharing industry, other companies offer bonuses and promotions to new drivers. Look into companies like Ola and Bolt operating in your area.

Is driving for Uber a good job?

Despite the emergence of other ride-hailing services, being an Uber driver remains a popular job choice for people seeking flexible work. A recent survey found that 74% of gig workers are satisfied with their employment situation.

Recent changes mean that Uber drivers are now entitled to holiday pay and National Living Wage Pay, guaranteeing a minimum wage for your working hours. You can also boost your income through tips and Uber promotions.

Is it worthwhile driving for Uber?

Which city pays the most to Uber drivers?

How much do Uber Eats drivers make?

On average, Uber Eats drivers in the UK earn between £7 and £14 an hour. So, if you worked 30 hours weekly, you could earn from £210 to £420.

Your earnings can vary based on factors such as your driving location, time of day, and the demand for deliveries.

As an Uber Eats driver, your fee comprises three elements:

  • Pick-up fee — Each time you collect from a new restaurant.
  • Drop-off fee — For each separate order you deliver.
  • Per-mile rate — For the total distance from pick-up to drop-off.

You can also boost your earnings through tips and Uber’s Boost function, which increases fares in specific areas during peak times.

However, as with any courier gig, costs like fuel, vehicle maintenance, and food delivery insurance need to be covered by you. It’s crucial to take these into account when calculating your earnings.

How much does Uber charge?

How can I become an Uber driver?

What insurance do I need to drive for Uber?

You’ll need private hire insurance, which covers you for carrying passengers for payment and includes public liability cover in case of an incident.

Uber only accepts insurance policies from certain Instadoc-approved providers.

You can request a quote for private hire insurance quickly, and it’s fully integrated with the Uber platform, simplifying the process.

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