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Uber Destinations: Can it make you a more efficient Uber Driver in London?

As an Uber driver you have probably noticed that when you receive a ride request, it will also display the postcode of your next destination. This happens right before you pick up your next passenger. If used in the correct fashion, this minute detail can actually have a noticeable impact on your work life as an Uber driver in London.

How does Uber destinations work?

How is this update useful for Uber drivers in London?

This app update is useful for several reasons. First and foremost, while working there will be days when it does not make sense to pay the congestion charge. This could be for several different reasons. Some of the most popular examples include drivers who want to avoid rush hour traffic or are simply working a shorter shift on that day.

The update will now notify you in real time if a trip will take you to an area that you would rather steer clear of. To do this, all you actually have to do is hit the ‘decline’ button within the app. It’s that easy. There is no need on your part to make contact with the rider and ask about their current location and destination. Furthermore, this also solves another problem too – you no longer have to accept a trip and then cancel after the fact. Many Uber drivers used to do this in the past, especially in and around London. Overall, this feature provides greater convenience to both parties and offers a more integrated user experience.

On top of this, as a driver, you will also be able to use Uber destinations if you wish to specifically target a certain area. Perhaps there may be a concert, sporting game, or other event that is due to finish shortly. This can be really helpful as you can target an area where you know you will land your next ride request in a short space of time. Secondary to this, you will also have the opportunity to secure an airport run or a trip to the train station far more easily. This allows you to swoop in and have a confirmed trip in minutes. In the fullness of time, this enables you to better manage your schedule and increase your earning efficiency.

Staying organised throughout the day

Are postcodes still important with GPS?

Since everyone has become accustomed to using GPS functionality on their smartphones, remembering postcodes haven’t remained as relevant for the traveller. This has meant that many new Uber drivers in the profession simply think it’s a waste of time to memorise hundreds of postcodes. Who can blame them? Technology has found a solution to this challenge yet again.

On the contrary, it is actually still extremely useful to know what postcodes correspond to which area. To put it in context, you will not know the name of each and every street in London either. A street name doesn’t actually suggest where someone is, unless of course you know where exactly that street can be found without checking.

This is where postcodes demonstrate their usefulness as they are in fact actually quite logical for everyone who understands them. Postcodes were designed to give anyone using them a sense of general direction at a quick glance.

Postcode destinations in London