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Should I be an Uber driver or a traditional taxi driver?

Deciding between becoming an Uber driver or a taxi driver is something many aspiring drivers have to consider before they can start to transport passengers from point A to point B. It should be noted that there are in fact recognisable differences between working as an Uber driver or a more traditional taxicab professional.

The advantages of being a taxi driver

Passengers of all ages

Uber passengers are normally aged 30 or below, as they are far more inclined to rely on the Uber concept. If you would prefer to meet people of various ages, being a taxi driver offers this opportunity. One day you could be picking up a 50-year-old company executive and taking them to their last business meeting that afternoon, the next day you could be taking an elderly lady to visit her grandchildren. There is far greater variety for taxi drivers. You may even have a regular term time contract with your local authority to transport children to and from school.

Knowledge and driving skills

Uber drivers tend to heavily rely on the GPS built into their smartphone. This means that they will usually have less knowledge of a particular area and won’t be aware of all the shortcuts to avoid traffic congestion. Taxi drivers are able to rely a lot more on their local knowledge of these routes and only use the GPS for emergencies.

A more personalised experience with taxi drivers

Again, considering the personalised angle that taxi drivers are able to offer, Uber drivers are not able to quite match this in most towns and cities and are far more impersonal. As a result of this, many passengers consider Uber drivers to just be a name on their smartphone screen instead of someone they already know and have a human connection with that has been built up over a number of years. Uber drivers are primarily focused on the number of journeys they can complete rather than the quality of service on offer. Taxi drivers on the other hand are able to offer a far more personable experience to their customers.

The disadvantages of being a taxi driver