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Food Delivery Insurance Guide

What insurance is needed to deliver food?

Navigating the world of insurance as a food delivery driver can be complex and overwhelming. Whether you’re delivering pizzas, groceries, or gourmet meals, understanding the right type of insurance is crucial to protect yourself and comply with legal requirements.

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What is food delivery insurance?

Social, Domestic, and Pleasure (Car Insurance Policy)

Your standard car insurance policy, known as social, domestic, and pleasure insurance, is a legal necessity for driving on the roads. It safeguards you for everyday use, including non-work-related travel, ensuring that you meet the legal requirements for personal driving.

Hire and reward insurance policy for food delivery

Additional insurance options for food delivery drivers

While the following policies aren’t mandatory for food delivery from restaurants, they provide an extra layer of protection and may be recommended by your employer or work provider:

Goods in Transit Insurance

This policy covers your goods against theft, loss, or damage during transportation. While not typically required for fast food delivery due to low costs, it’s essential if you work as a courier for companies like Amazon, delivering more valuable products.

Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance is a safeguard for delivery drivers involved in accidents that cause harm to third parties. It covers legal fees, expenses, and compensation pay-outs if someone seeks damages or attempts to sue you.

Personal Accident Insurance

Personal accident insurance is a valuable protection if you’re involved in an incident while delivering food. It pays out if you sustain a serious injury or become totally and permanently disabled, providing financial support during a challenging time.

How much does food delivery insurance cost in the UK?

What are Uber Eats’ insurance requirements for drivers?

If you’re planning to deliver for Uber Eats using a motorbike, scooter, or car, you must have a certificate of motor insurance that specifically covers food delivery. This is often referred to as hire and reward insurance, and it must explicitly include food delivery coverage.

Without this specialised insurance, you won’t be able to legally operate as an Uber Eats delivery driver.

Insurance essentials for Just Eat delivery drivers

Just Eat mandates that all delivery drivers have appropriate insurance coverage before registering to deliver for them. Without the right type of food delivery insurance, you won’t be eligible to work as a Just Eat delivery driver.

Therefore, it’s crucial to verify with your insurer that they provide the specific coverage needed for food delivery work before signing up.

Deliveroo insurance requirements for drivers

To work with Deliveroo, you must have your own hire and reward insurance. While Deliveroo offers free personal injury and income protection for all their riders, as well as public liability cover for cyclists and for scooters and cars during pick-up or drop-off, this doesn’t replace the need for your own appropriate insurance.

Ensuring you have the correct coverage is vital to comply with legal requirements and protect yourself while working with Deliveroo.

How to compare food delivery insurance with Utility Saving Expert

Comparing food delivery insurance options has never been easier. Here at Utility Saving Expert, we provide a streamlined process to explore various policies tailored to your specific needs.

Simply input your vehicle and driving details, and our platform will present you with a range of suitable options. With our expert guidance, you can quickly find the right coverage at a competitive price, ensuring you’re protected and compliant while delivering food. Trust Utility Saving Expert to help you make an informed decision with confidence.

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