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13 tips to help Uber drivers survive the competition

As ride-hailing apps such as Uber expand their reach and become even more successful, they will inevitably attract more private hire drivers to their platforms. Unfortunately, the platform has reduced the per mile charge for passengers without a consultation process with drivers. This is just one of the drawbacks of its use. With growing competition, drivers will have to work either more efficiently, or longer hours to maintain a sufficient income.

1. Drive during peak periods

The first step to working smarter and not harder is to learn about the busiest hours for Uber drivers. As an example, the morning rush from 6am onwards is what you want to target along with late evenings and nights from 9pm onwards.

On the weekend however, you will likely make a good amount of money during the morning, afternoon, evening and nights. So, if it fits your schedule, consider these peak service usage hours.

2. Cut your Uber insurance premium

Making more income is always going to be great. There is another side to this though and that is to find and compare Uber taxi insurance as well as private taxi hire insurance through Utility Saving Expert. It only takes around 10 minutes to compare leading insurance providers and you could be saving hundreds of pounds on your renewal each year.

5. Don’t chase the surge

Never speed off to chase the next surge or a spike in demand, unless of course you are already in the area where the surge is taking place. This is because a surge typically won’t last that long. By the time you reach the area where all this sudden activity is taking place, you may be too late and at the same time you have consumed additional fuel for very little gain.

6. Don’t be discouraged

New ridesharing drivers are likely to make small mistakes from time to time. For example, you may press the wrong button on the Uber app or make a wrong turn causing your passenger’s smile to turn upside down. Do not get discouraged by being tough on yourself, think of it all as part of the learning process. You will soon be a seasoned professional in no time.

9. Remind passengers to take their belongings

From time to time passengers can and will forget their belongings. It can be easy to leave a phone, wallet or keys in the backseat of a taxi. You may be 20 miles away by the time they realise this. This will result in you using up your fuel and valuable time to return these items. It’s best practice to remind the passenger to collect these belongings before exiting your vehicle.

10. Relax and take a break

To work to your optimal efficiency, you will need to be well rested and take breaks from time to time. Breaks in the day offer you the chance to stretch your muscles and walk around. Long term, this will keep you in better shape.

13. The city is busier than the suburbs

Across the UK, almost every city will be busier for Uber drivers in comparison to the suburbs. This is because of the population density. There are a greater number of customers available who will potentially need a ride to their next destination. This doesn’t mean that you can’t make money within the suburbs, you can, but there will be less work available depending on the competition.

To summarise, the 13 innovative tips listed above will help you survive the increasing competition as an Uber driver. These are just some of the most popular ideas out there and you will surely come across many more as you become an experienced driver. Remember to work smarter and not harder as this will certainly pay dividends over the long haul.